mistermouse's Patapon (PlayStation Portable) review

This game gets annoying...

This is a cute little game, but when you get down to the nitty gritty it is a music based game that you need to listen to the beats. But besides the beat you are laying down there are external noises that can throw you off, and that is the were the game gets annoying. There are some other options that i wish were available, i.e. getting rid of a patapon for a better one, because with out that option you can be stuck with sucky patapon for the entire game which makes it difficult. Its just an ok game.


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    Patapon : a stroke of genius 0

    Is it just me or are new, original, exiting games a rarity? There are games like Okami, Loco Roco and Ico that can breath new life onto a console. You don’t get many games like that anymore, you get sequels and new IP’s that can end up bad. Not that sequels are bad, just look at God of War 2 and Call of Duty 4. And new IP’s can be really good aswell just look at Bioshock and Uncharted Drakes Fortune, they were phenomenal. But then look at TimeShift and Kane & Lynch, which aren’t that good. ...

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    Original concept makes it worthwhile for the open minded. 0

        First of all let me say that a rhythm based tactical combat game mixed with a simple cryptic story will not appeal to everyone. However the game is refreshing in its own way. You have not played anything exactly like patapon and the gameplay itself seems viable, it just goes to show how many more possibilities there are in game development.    You start the game by playing some easy missions just to teach you a few basic rhythms that you will use to command your patapon army. You later learn...

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