Giant Bomb Friends list?

#1 Posted by Wampa1 (811 posts) -

Figured there will be a good few people playing this in the community so here's a place to leave your ID, preferred region and main class.

Gerstmannia - Europe - Templar

#2 Posted by Xeirus (1482 posts) -

Xeirus - America - Witch

#3 Posted by djou (895 posts) -

d_jou - US-EST - Templar (at level 11 as of this post)

Haven't tried any multi-play but I'm happy to start any time. The game has been easy so far, maybe that will change with nightmare difficulty.

#4 Posted by Bucketdeth (8234 posts) -

Bucketdeth - America - Witch

#5 Edited by pweidman (2421 posts) -

Achellezious - America - Templar

(just found the village on the beach and got disconnected yesterday, looks good though)

#6 Posted by Nate (798 posts) -

Nathanius - America - Shadow

I think I'm level 16 or so as of now. Loving this game, just wish I had more time to give it.

#7 Posted by Kryptonik (23 posts) -

SnipedYa - America - Ranger

Ive been playing this game a lot since closed beta its an awesome game if you are looking for another diablo 2 type of addiction lol =P

#8 Posted by Syndrom (410 posts) -

raavla - europe - witch

#9 Posted by edulle (19 posts) -

Dekant - America - Templar

#10 Posted by Skytylz (4070 posts) -

Recna - America - Witch

I wanted to bump this again to see if anyone else has jumped in? I started yesterday and I'm up to level 12 now and am having a great time. Would be excellent to get some giant bomb duders to play with!

#11 Posted by cr0550ver (28 posts) -

ApexSlims - Europe - Shadow

#12 Posted by Jeust (11494 posts) -

Malachis - Europe - Templar

#13 Edited by Realitymoves (26 posts) -

JBW - Europe - Templar

#14 Posted by Forderz (264 posts) -

Eunomie/Euphorie/Forderz/Generosity on America

#15 Posted by Christoffer (2085 posts) -

So are people in here mostly playing Hardcore or Normal? Just a bit curious.

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