Official Giant Bomb PoE friendlist thread

#1 Posted by Huey2k2 (519 posts) -

I don't know how many duders out there are playing this right now, but I figured there might be some duders out there looking for people to play/level with.

So here it is, the "official" Giant Bomb PoE friendlist thread!

Put your info in here and I will try to check up and format them all into a neat list so anyone that wants to try the game has some people to play with.

Also make sure you list whether you are playing hardcore or not.

Now I am not sue how the friends list actually work... so I am going to give my account name and character name so it shouldn't be a problem finding me.

Account Name: Huey2k2


League: Hardcore

Let's do this up!

#2 Posted by TheDudeOfGaming (6116 posts) -

I think all you need to add someone is character name, but I'm not a 100% sure. Anyway

Account Name: TheDudeOfGaming

Character Name: TheThunderShadow

League: Hardcore

Happy grinding dudes.

#3 Posted by Feddy (33 posts) -

accountname: feddy707

although some people have trouble adding me by that try my character names




#4 Posted by smokingdeck (31 posts) -

Oh man, I've been looking for a group of chill people to play with, and this looks like a perfect spot :')

I'm working on a few toons right now, but at the moment I'm running a cookie-cutter Marauder build so that I can use him to gear up my other toons.

Name: BrokenandSmokin

Class: Marauder

Level: 30-35 ATM

League: Standard

Im willing to start up some new toons with anybody, in any league, just really want some other people to play with,because at the moment, everybody I know thinks that PoE is "too hard for them" or "un-fair". (what fools!)

#5 Posted by Aviar (491 posts) -

I just downloaded this earlier today. Not sure if anyone else is still playing. Created a witch and just made it to the first town, didn't have much time to play tonight.

Character name: Saszha

League: Anarchy

Still trying to figure everything out about the leagues and stuff. So far I like the game but need to find a way to get out of general chat. Way too much crap in there.

#6 Posted by TheHT (12341 posts) -

Well now it's out. Maybe folks should start a guild? I dunno if that'd be more efficient than sharing friend info.

#7 Posted by Chemystery (312 posts) -

I just started. I'd join a guild if you guys made one.

Name: ThailAshlain

Class: Templar

Level: 3

League: Standard

#8 Posted by Kteven (62 posts) -

I don't know if anyone else is still playing, but if you are, feel free to add me to friends lists or a guild.

Name: Kteven

Class: Marauder

Level: 30

League: Standard

#9 Posted by Epicurwin (10 posts) -

I'm going very slowly in domination.

Name: Pyrothug

Class: Marauder

lvl: 30 something

League: Domination

I'm looking for mid to late 30s armor to buy at the moment.

#10 Posted by certmcgurt (28 posts) -

Late to this thread, but:

Name: CertMcGurt

Class: Shadow

Level: Mid-40's

League: Standard

Hit me up if you wanna party or something, I play casually.

#11 Posted by Mr_Tittious_Jones_3rd (27 posts) -

Even later...

Name: Maxine_Kendis

Class: Witch

Level: 19

League: Domination

#12 Posted by CoinMatze (517 posts) -


Characer: Jocelinne

Class: Witch

Level: 23

League: Domination

If someone wants to start a new game or jump in it for the first time, I'm totally willing to start a fresh character.

#13 Posted by Morka (188 posts) -

Just started playing, and having a bit of fun.

Character: Kimthar

Class: Maurader

Level : 14, and increasing

League: Standard.

I'll add you guys, and i hope ill see you online :)

#14 Posted by Stete (784 posts) -

Ooh add me, add me!!

Name: Tsitsifiongos. Level 38 Duelist, Domination League.

#15 Posted by RubberBabyBuggyBumpers (756 posts) -

I need more people to play with. One of my friends IRL has stopped playing.

Main: Skookumchuck (Currently level 56)

Domination League (America)

Class: Duelist

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