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193696 Syndrifter Game Overview 08/31/15 12:46PM 2 Approved
193031 ageofquarrel Game Overview New Expansion Information 08/27/15 10:17AM 4 Approved
185705 MetaB Game Overview Added the new Warbands and Tempest leauges, added info on jewels and added that eternal orbs are now a legacy item to its description. 07/13/15 10:50AM 108 Denied
150594 MetaB Game Overview Added the new Torment and Bloodlines leagues to the league list. 12/18/14 10:26AM 54 Approved
133282 Monopolized Game Overview Added new leagues, more to come. 08/31/14 08:21PM 53 Approved
128194 benjo_t Game Overview Reformatted text to fix some wrapping issues. Made all headers into headers (this was inconsistent). Edited "gear" section language to be clearer. Reformatted "gear" section to be more readable. Attempted to make capitalisation more consistent. Fixed spellings. Added headings to currency orb table. Added more information about GGG's anti-pay-to-win stance in the Microtransactions section. 08/11/14 06:28PM 25 Approved
119667 SteamBox Game Overview Added some more info about skill gems, and the types of gear that can drop. 07/04/14 12:55PM 94 Approved
119421 SteamBox Game Overview Was suprised to see so little about PoE on here, decided to start helping out with it being one of my favorite games. Here's just a rough start of what I'd add, but would like to go more in-depth with the mechanics and basic how-to's for the game's extensive combat. There's an insane amount of information that's scattered for this game and I'd like to consolidate what I know at the very least so new players who might like this kind of game don't get completely overwhelmed. Thanks 07/03/14 05:53PM 387 Approved
79748 SaturdayNightSpecials Game Overview 01/08/14 12:40AM 3 Approved
75366 Cogzwell Game Overview clarification and spelling error fixed under Microtransactions 12/15/13 07:12PM 2 Approved
73463 FoxhoundXIII Game Overview 12/06/13 07:00PM 12 Approved
71153 Lindseybee Game Overview added the addition of new character information of the Scion under classes. 11/24/13 10:11PM 15 Approved
60774 DaBuddaDa Game Releases 10/04/13 05:09AM 15 Approved
60773 DaBuddaDa Game Overview 10/04/13 05:09AM 16 Approved
42060 Monopolized Game Overview added new leagues, orb list, explains sockets and gear. 07/09/13 10:08PM 463 Approved
9893 pokernut Game Releases Added additional detail about who's releasing this. 03/01/13 12:29PM 14 Approved
7870 Tigerbot Game Overview New locations, concepts, and objects. 02/23/13 02:08PM 21 Approved
3864 Brother_PipPop Game Overview General clean up; grammar/spelling. 02/16/13 04:08PM 5 Approved
2909 Lindseybee Game Overview Updated information about classes, currency, scrolls,microtransactions, skill gems, leveling, and energy shield. 02/15/13 12:44PM 207 Approved
2356 Marino Game Overview 02/14/13 08:22PM 1971 Approved
1600 Grimluck343 Game Overview Added the section under skills labeled Sockets & Links to further detail/clarify the socket system on gear. 02/13/13 09:00PM 39 Denied
1575 benjo_t Game Overview *improved grammar of Setting section and added more information. *improved leagues section with more specific reference to the mechanics of leagues and Ladders, and more league types. *improved Skill Gems section with clearer explanation of the role of gems and how they can be modified. *trimmed the entire page of needlessly complex syntax, made sentences shorter and more succinct. *added more images to sections. 02/13/13 08:10PM 45 Approved
1552 benjo_t Game Overview Corrected formatting issues caused by the last edit. 02/13/13 07:09PM 1 Approved
1394 benjo_t Game Overview Added clearer explanation of the class system, updated class images with much more up-to-date representations, added lore background to each class description 02/13/13 01:05PM 101 Approved

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