Meet your new God (aka, let's photoshop Patrick Klepek thread)

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1 - Cut a hole in a box 2 - Put your junk in that box...

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if you listened to the podcast

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no  Mortal Kombat Photoshops

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I'm really bad at this

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@Ahmad_Metallic said:
" @Gaff said:
" @TurboMan said:
" @Ghost_of_Perdition: @mahogany: damn, both of you stole my idea. "
There's still that... Dance Central video, you know?   
..what is the troubling mass hysteria causing those creatures to move like that, making those voices and facial expressions ?

god that video's eerie 
MY EYES!!!!!  il never again get them back to normal.
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 The Klepek
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Goddamnit buzz. If i was drinking it would have come right out my nose.
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@MattyFTM: You're the bestest for doing that.
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@TehFlan said:
 The Klepek
Oh man, the Tom Baker Doctor Who look really suits Patrick.
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" This'll probably not make much sense to most of you 'til a couple of days/weeks.
XD XD XD I get it I get it :D
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Awesome photoshops, duders.  Also, he fit right in on the bombcast.  Cool dude.

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@Matt: You might be my new best friend for that last picture
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@vr00m: That caught me off guard and made me laugh. 

There are some really awesome ones in here. 
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Klepek Gaga

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 So patrickklepek joins Giantbomb and in the same week the site goes down for 3 days. Coincidence? I think not!

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@Evilsbane said:
" @dioxys said:
" This'll probably not make much sense to most of you 'til a couple of days/weeks.
XD XD XD I get it I get it :D "
Are you insinuating Patrick is in desperate need of sixty dollars?
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@Kyreo: No, clearly you can see that the sixty dollars are in his hands.
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Patrick wrote on Formspring that his brother is in a band called "The Audition". Do you know what shows up as the first image if you search for that band on google images?

Guess who his brother is!
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@doublezeroduck: nice

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@mnzy: Ha! perfect.
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@mnzy: Amazing.

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@mnzy: That is great.

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