Patrick Is Getting Married Today! Wish Him the Best

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   Marriage Like Whoa Son!   
That's right in-between dealing with some unfortunate personal stuff and continuing to provide the site with news articles our very own Patrick  Klepek is getting married to his fiancée Katie (I think that's right) today! Anyways how about we all wish him the best in his marriage with his future wife over here. The guy more than deserves some well wishes for his future.
Also worth noting is that after his Honeymoon Patrick is planning on coming back to the office in person very soon. 
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Congratulations Tricky!

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Congrats, Patricio!

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Congratulations man! Genuinely happy for ya!

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Congratulations and the best wishes many times over from a fellow deep-dish pizza loving Chicago-based Duder!

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Can't wait for the hot scoops from the married world!


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Congratulations Patrick!!! And may your first child be a masculine child.

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Congrats, dude!

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Congratulations, Patrick and Katie!

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Congrats Scoop and all the best into the ultimate adventure.

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I refuse!

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Grats Pat. 
Wedding day is the best. The months and months of built up planning and waiting stress melts away like a silky waterfall pouring down over your shoulders.

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Congrats Patrick. Good luck with married life!

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Congrats, Tricky Scoopz!

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Go get 'em, Scoops!

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My condolen...errr... congratulations!

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Congratulations and looking forward to hearing news about klepek jr!

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BIG MISTAKE!! o__________o

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Congrats Patrick.

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Congrats Patrick!

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Congratulations matey:)

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My congratulations to Mr and Mrs Scoopz.

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Finally all these years of abstinence will be worth it! Congrats on holding out Pat!

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I wish you and your family many years of happiness and fulfillment.

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I still don't believe he ever had a fiancee. WAKE UP, SHEEPLE!

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Go on and get hitched, Tricky.

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Congratulations Patrick!

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Congratulations, and best wishes for the future! Onwards into adventure!

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Congratulations and Good Luck Patrick & Future Mrs. Klepek

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Congrats yo!!!!!!!

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Congrats Pat! Best of wishes!

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Congratulations on your big day, Tricky!

Love from Sweden!

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Drop a bomb on it Trick!

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Congrats Scoops! Have a great day.

#36 Posted by CaLe (4305 posts) -

Happy Birthday Patrick.

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Best wishes, Mr and Mrs Kleptok

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Ehh, I don't know, weddings are always a bit tricky.

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What's she look like?

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Congrats, Tricks.

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@Xeirus said:

Finally all these years of abstinence will be worth it! Congrats on holding out Pat!

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Whoa indeed Mr. Klepek. I wish you the best.

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Anyway, congrats Patrick!

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Congratulations Mr and Mrs Klepick!

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Congratulations Patrick.

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Congrats Patrick!

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Vinny's married.

Dave's married.

Patrick's marrying.

Ryan's engaged.

Brad has a girlfriend that he perhaps has had forever. Maybe she refuses to marry him unless he's ripped (protein powder :P).

Jeff is single and so is Drew (maybe?).

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Congratulations and Good Luck to the Newly Weds!

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Congrats Tricky! Go get em!

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