Podcast date where "Trick" nickname was introduced?

#1 Posted by Aounslaught (496 posts) -

Hey guys. I've been trying to find the podcast where Ryan gave Patrick his now famed nickname, "Trick Tricky", but the closest I've gotten is that the podcast was at least a month and 2 weeks old. Was hoping that someone might have an exact date. Thanks.

#2 Posted by Xeirus (1531 posts) -

I thought that was started on the forums/chat during the game jam...

#3 Posted by Napalm (9230 posts) -

Or the PAX panel?

#4 Posted by Aounslaught (496 posts) -

I think it before the PAX Panel, it could've originated during the game jam, but I distinctly remember Ryan having a conversation in a podcast and remember said conversation being hilarious!

#5 Posted by Animasta (14834 posts) -

pretty sure it was the gamejam and the podcast after the gamejam, whenever that was

#6 Posted by Szlifier (739 posts) -

While we're at it, is there a thread about where some of GB memes originated? Or a list with best bombcast/videos moments?

#7 Posted by Lumpio (6 posts) -

It's the 03-27-12 podcast.

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