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Paul Tozour began his career in 1994, working on documentation and tools code for Broderbund Software. He proposed and designed "WarBreeds" in 1996 and became Design Lead and Lead Programmer. After WarBreeds shipped, he joined Gas Powered Games as employee #3 in 1998 and worked on Dungeon Siege for the first year of GPG's existence. He then joined Microsoft Game Studios and worked on combat AI for MechWarrior IV: Vengeance. After MechWarrior IV shipped, he moved to Austin and joined Ion Storm Austin to work on core AI tools for Deus Ex: Invisible War and Thief: Deadly Shadows. He left in 2003 and joined Retro Studios / Nintendo, where he worked on AI for the last 2 of the 3 titles in the highly-acclaimed and award-winning Metroid Prime trilogy. After Metroid Prime 3 shipped, Paul worked on several undisclosed projects at Retro / Nintendo and then left shortly after the studio's decision to work on Donkey Kong Country Returns. He also spent several months as a designer and programmer on the Project Offset team at Intel. After that, he earned an MSE from the Executive Master's in Technology Management program at the University of Pennsylvania and the Wharton School of Business. After that, he created City Conquest for iOS and Android before helping to found Mothership Entertainment in Austin, TX.


Paul is also well-known in the industry for promoting the use of improved artificial intelligence techniques -- in particular, for evangelizing the use of navigation meshes for improving the quality of AI navigation (, a technique which has since become very commonplace in AAA titles. He has written several articles on AI for the Game Programming Gems and AI Game Programming Wisdom series.

More recently, Paul has been working on the intersection between AI and game design, and gave an interview with the popular AI website on the use of AI techniques to optimize game balancing in City Conquest:

Current Endeavors

Paul is a founder of Mothership Entertainment, a new game studio in Austin, Texas.

His official resume can be found at

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