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                                                           "Wanna do some Buffout? Maybe a little Psycho?"


Paulie is the co-owner of A Quick Fix in  Rivet City. His wife and business partner is  Cindy Cantelli. Paulie is addicted to  Jet and  Psycho in addition to using other chems like Buffout and Med-X. He tries to steal it from his store but his wife keeps a lookout in case he steals anything. Since he doesn't have enough money to buy his own drugs he goes around begging for them.

Player Actions

Paulie is involved in the unmarked quest Overdose.  The Lone Wanderer can give Paulie some Psycho. This will result in negative Karma for the player and Paulie overdoses and dies. His wife actually seems somewhat relieved after he died because she thought it was inevitable that he would overdose.  


He is a neutral Karma character, killing him gives negative Karma.
His SPECIAL stats are: Strength of 5, Perception of 5, Endurance of 4, Charisma of 7, Intelligence 5, Agility of 5, and a Luck of 5.
His Base ID is 000156b6
His Reference ID is 0001e74c  

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