PAX AUS Tickets are out NOW!

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If you haven't heard, PAX Australia has been given a confirmed time-slot of July 19th to July 21st, and is being held in Melbourne. Tickets have just been released, and currently are AUD$45 for each day and AUD$115 for a 3-day pass.

So, this may just be limited to Australians who are around Melbourne, but who's planning on going? I've decided to get the 3-day pass just for kicks (and in case someone wants to borrow it). If they do want to borrow it, though, they may (emphasis on may) have to go on stage, since I've chosen to be part of the Omegathon, the 3-day competition they have. So yay for that. Also, fellow Melbournites, what would be the calling card for hailing another duder, apart from wearing a GB shirt of some description?

I feel somewhat erratic from the excitement. That's normal, right?

EDIT: I just realised, it would be courteous to include a link. Like this one:

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Bah, I didn't realise it was only in Melbourne. If I hadn't just been on a massive holiday jaunt I'd fly down from Sydney for it. If I was in Melb it would be a no-brainer.

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That seems to be more expensive than its American counterparts. Or am I mistaken?

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@Bocam: Perhaps, I'm not sure. Regardless, though, the Australian standard of living can be much more expensive than the American one. Games, for example, can easily be AUD$80, depending on where you look.

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@Bocam said:

That seems to be more expensive than its American counterparts. Or am I mistaken?

It is. $115 Australian Dollars is equal to roughly $118 American Dollars. That's a lot more than the cost of the PAX Prime and East three-days.

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Just bought my three day pass. Now to book some flights and a hotel.

@Bocam: Things are way more expensive here, so cost of hiring convention center and flying guests in would jump the price up a bit.

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I just found out this morning, so I'm gonna get the 3-Day pass because why not.. Also a reason to go to Melbourne again suits me just fine

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I am so psyched that PAX is coming to Melbourne, I'll probably go for the 3 day pass. Stupid levels of excitement is normal, I can't think right now.

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Any estimates on when it will sell out? I'm more than happy to fly to Melbourne for it, but I probably can't get tickets until Thursday unless I'm REALLY desperate (I just spent several hundred dollars on clothing, my wife will kill me if I book before payday lol)

#10 Posted by Genkkaku (755 posts) -

Alright well that's settled got my 3-Day pass! now the waiting game begins only 270 Days left!

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I'm going if there is going to be some kind of GB thing there. Is there? I mean, Ryan tweeted "I can't wait to go to PAX Australia." so uh.. apologies if this has been answered but I'm not up to date on podcasts.

edit: ..and Jeff said they're not sure. Shit. I don't want to drop $115 on tickets not being sure of anything.

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I just paid for my 3-day pass, and will be heading down from Canberra.

Now to wait...

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Gonna get my 3 day pass soon. It's going to be awesome!

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Are the GiantBomb guys going to be there?

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@Hailinel said:

@Bocam said:

That seems to be more expensive than its American counterparts. Or am I mistaken?

It is. $115 Australian Dollars is equal to roughly $118 American Dollars. That's a lot more than the cost of the PAX Prime and East three-days.

Incorrect it is the other way around. The Australian dollar is stronger than the USD.

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thats what he said, 115AUD=118USD, hence the AUD is worth more than the USD

#17 Posted by Seastalk (129 posts) -

The way you and he have both phrased it, is incorrect.

#18 Posted by Aegon (6750 posts) -

@Seastalk said:

The way you and he have both phrased it, is incorrect.


#19 Posted by Rodin (194 posts) -

totally gonna be there just bought my 3-day pass,

as for hailing other duders you could say, "aha, is this our chance" and then as jeff has recommended run up and tackle the dude.

also over/under on the bomb crew turning up?

#21 Posted by Kushieda (54 posts) -

If the GB crew were confirmed to go with a panel, I'd buy tickets in a heartbeat. But the undecided situation of that leaves me hesitant as I'd also have to fly down from Sydney. I mean, visiting my sister at least once would be nice, but PAX would still be the main objective.

So I hope tickets don't sell out before an official word is given!

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It'd be easy to drive down to Melbourne I'd just need to organise accommodation.

I dunno, I've never been to a convention before and I don't think any of my mates would go.

Hopefully they won't all sell out before I decide if I want to go.

#23 Posted by audioBusting (1779 posts) -

I've never been to a convention, but it's just one tram ride away. I am so there. Thanks for the heads-up @RPGee

#24 Posted by Genkkaku (755 posts) -

@Rodin: I bet more 60/40 leaning towards not going.. I bet they do as evidenced by Ryan's tweet earlier but they still have the site relaunch and probably busy schedules.. but then again it isn't until next July

@ShaqPBear: The FB page said it would let people know when they were getting low, it also looked like the page was hit by a lot of people buying tickets.. If your unsure wait until it looks like there getting low

#25 Posted by Yalbit (79 posts) -

Excellent, just picked up a 3 day pass. I think it's unlikely the entire GB crew will go but I'm hoping a couple of the guys go. Either way I'm pretty excited and I hope they showcase some next-gen stuff as well as our local developers.

#26 Posted by Stackboy (626 posts) -

I'm heading back to PAX East next year, but I'll make the trip from Brisbane to PAX East.

#27 Posted by Red12b (9346 posts) -

Awesome, got my tickets,

Airfares and Hotel to Melbourne from Auckland is a separate issue...........

#28 Posted by Hailinel (25787 posts) -

@Seastalk said:

The way you and he have both phrased it, is incorrect.

I think you need to retake economics.

That is, unless you'd care to explain how it is that we're wrong.

#29 Posted by Matt (1072 posts) -

Flights from England to Australia are really expensive. I really want to go but I don't know if I'm willing to drop £1000+ on a flight alone.

#30 Posted by Genkkaku (755 posts) -

@Matt: Wouldn't it be easier and cheaper to go to Pax Prime or EAST?

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There'd be much more interesting stuff at those events too. I mean, we do have some game companies but you'd have to be very interested in mobile games or indie titles to spend all the money to fly out to Australia.

Oh, there'll probably be a Yahtzee panel on fedoras.

#32 Posted by Matt (1072 posts) -

@Genkkaku: I'm already going to PAX East.

#33 Posted by Genkkaku (755 posts) -

3-Day passes are half sold out for anyone wondering

"TICKET UPDATE: Three Day passes to PAX Australia are now 50% sold out."

#34 Posted by Lukeweizer (3109 posts) -

This might be enough to justify my life-long dream of going to Austrailia. Even though I live 3 hours away from PAX Prime and have gone to that the past 4 years.

#35 Posted by Tim_the_Corsair (3053 posts) -

Got my tickets, still have to organise accommodation but the wife and I figure we'll just turn it into a mini- holiday and go for a week, rent an apartment, eat lots of good food, catch up with friends that moved from Sydney, etc.

#36 Posted by CaptPaulBlues (26 posts) -

Got my 3 day pass on the first day and a 1 day for the girlfriend, hoping to get to know some other people also going along before it comes up but up til now I've just been lurking here so I thought I should change that. Wishing PAX was on much sooner and really hoping some of the giant bomb crew can make it for a panel at least.

#37 Posted by Gutterkisser (240 posts) -

Grabbed a 3 day pass the other day, don't really have anyone to go with other than dragging my girlfriend along but I'd hate to miss this opportunity. I should stop lurking on here and PA so much, it'd be good to actually be social at PAX and see some of the periphery events that weekend (drinking).

Definitely wish it was sooner though, and a bummer knowing it's winter then.

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Three Day Passes are 90% Sold Out according to the PAX AUS Twitter Feed

#39 Posted by Genkkaku (755 posts) -

@TheFridge: Already all gone.. wow in 10 minutes as well

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