Who was at the PAX East meetup last night?

#1 Posted by Daveyo520 (6651 posts) -

I thought I would make a topic for people to connect with others that went to the meet up after the show last night. So if you want to know other users that went or let others know you were there, this is a possible place you can do that.

#2 Posted by James_Giant_Peach (751 posts) -

Not me.

#3 Posted by Daveyo520 (6651 posts) -

@James_Giant_Peach: Sweet.

#4 Edited by karmaghost (160 posts) -

Yeah, I wasn't there myself (this year), but I'd love to see who was and if they managed to get any pics with the bombcrew. From my experience last year, there was almost no one asking for photo-ops with the guys (which I thought was really cool/respectful), but if you managed to get some, show 'em off!

#5 Posted by Daveyo520 (6651 posts) -

@karmaghost: Ya, I did not see anyone taking pics really. Just talking.

#6 Posted by James_ex_machina (905 posts) -

I wanted to go so bad. My train back to Philly was pulling out of Boston at 9:40 and I was already in zombie mode. After hearing the party was split and moved I'm glad I didn't go. Maybe next year.

#7 Posted by Daveyo520 (6651 posts) -

@James_ex_machina: Ya, it was packed.

#8 Posted by Brewmaster_Andy (520 posts) -

I showed up but wasn't able to wait around long. Did most of my mingling after the panel.

#9 Posted by Daveyo520 (6651 posts) -

@Brewmaster_Andy: Not a bad time to mingle.

#10 Posted by Mahonay (828 posts) -

I stayed at JJ Foley's until it closed. Had a great time.

Best part of the night? One of Patrick's friends jukebox trolling the bar with the Star Wars cantina song. Some person at the bar found us and somehow knew it was us. It played for a good while as we danced like a bunch of jerks to it. Tears of laughter.

#11 Posted by Daveyo520 (6651 posts) -

@Mahonay: Now I wish I stayed longer. Though I knew that would happen. Patrick was there, a jukebox was there, it was meant to be.

#12 Posted by Fredouken (4 posts) -

I was at JJ Foley's until they shut us down. I need to find the people I was hanging out with all night though. Seth Rogen and Hayden Christiansen look alikes... amazing dudes. Some snotty 19 yr old blonde girl tried trolling us and got trolled back SO hard... OH what a show!

#13 Posted by boysef (76 posts) -

Im the hayden christiansen look alike duder!! nice to see you on here i was hoping someone i met would be here!!!!

#14 Posted by thornie (165 posts) -

i didn't go because I knew it would be insanely crowded and I was much to exhausted to deal with that.

#15 Posted by SpydrMrphy (88 posts) -

I was also at JJ Foley's till closed, such a great time. I geeked out wicked hard when I met Brad, Patrick, and Dave. and that girl was clearly had no clue what she was getting her self into, freaking hysterical. Easily one of the best meet ups ever.

From what I heard the second bar closed early so I guess we learned a few things from it, I would love to hear from people who went to it. Hopefully next year we can all help get a wicked large bar to occupy for the next PAX East.

#16 Posted by Brewmaster_Andy (520 posts) -

@Fredouken: Can you explain the situation with the girl? Sorry I missed it!

#17 Posted by Fredouken (4 posts) -

A table of "locals" sent that 19 yr old girl over to our table on a "dare"... She actually lead off with "I was dared that I wouldn't come talk to you guys for 2 minutes"... I suppose they didn't realize that geeks are real people too haha. When we didn't fawn over her, she became very insecure and was desperately seeking our attention and approval ALL night, asking us to rate her on a scale of 1-10, etc... As more drinks were consumed, the night just broke down into silliness. It ended with 1 of the duders at the table letting her know why she was an awful person, and why she should have more respect for other human beings... It was quite epic. 3 or 4 surrounding tables of duders there got a really good show, haha.

#18 Posted by boysef (76 posts) -

immediately after she said "i was dared to talk to you guys for 2 minutes" my reply to her was " I will pay you to leave now"

#19 Posted by Daveyo520 (6651 posts) -

Ah getting together was the point of this thread. Glad it worked kinda.

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