Boston plans unrelated to PAX?

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PAX East is a week away and now comes the part where I have to plan ahead and set up a rough itinerary for myself. Basically, I know what panels, booths and concerts I would like to see at PAX East, but I also expect to spend some valuable time outside of the video game universe and see some of what the city has to offer.

Boston, Massachusetts

I'm not sure if I can fit everything I want to see in the few days I'll be in Boston, but here's a few places I would like to see or do while in town.

  • Walk the Freedom Trail - covers most of Boston's most historic sites including Boston Common, Bunker Hill Monument, Faneuil Hall, Paul Revere House and others. It's pretty much the big touristy thing to do in Boston. In fact, I'll be doing a ton of walking while in Boston. Must buy a more comfortable pair of shoes.
  • Visit the Museum of Fine Arts - A little bit of art and culture wouldn't hurt me... unless you think games are art, too.
  • Go to the Skywalk Observatory - Because I'm willing to spend a few bucks to snap a picture of Boston from one of the tallest buildings in the city.
  • See Fenway Park - Although I'm a Yankee fan, I'm also a fan of baseball so a tour of the park (or even a brief walk around) would be pretty cool.
  • Check out the harbor - Boston does have a waterfront so I should at least check out where all that tea went.
  • Eat lots of food - While I'm in town, I'm not going to just feast on Boston cream pie and New England clam chowder. I've got a few restaurants to check out, including Eagle's Deli, the first place I will stop as I enter the city. Supposedly, they have delicious burgers that range from average size to fucking huge. And since I'm such a hipster, I downloaded a Boston food truck app in case I need a grilled cheese or some weird Asian fusion meal on the run.
  • Brewery tour, maybe? - Samuel Adams is there, but I never really liked their beer all that much and that's too obvious. My next option would be the Harpoon Brewery, located fairly close to the BCEC. If the brewery tour plan goes to shit, I'll just do all my drinking at a local watering hole.

I know I'll never make it to every spot I listed and I expect to be thrown off the itinerary once or twice, but that's half the fun. There's lots of museums, an aquarium, numerous parks and squares and great architecture to see in Boston that I can just visit on a whim. Hell, I might get lost in Cambridge, time permitting. Plus, I'm also planning this as if I'll be alone most of the time, but that can always change.

So for those going to PAX East... you got any other plans while in Boston?

One more week, guys.

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I knew I wanted to visit the city but I hadn't came up with any plans yet, but your list is a pretty awesome start.

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If you are going to do a brewery tour, Harpoon is a much better bet, and the beer is worlds better to boot.

I recommend visiting Boston Common (weather depending) and spending some time just walking around. It's a beautiful city and a great spot in it.

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Fucksake why does everyone go to pax the year AFTER i make the trip. Fuck you guys.

If you need me to recommend some decent bars, I can probably remember a few.

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i'm from boston and the museum of fine art is a fantastic museum you should definitely check out. its also like 5 blocks from fenway park so you could do both quite easily.

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Seems like you've covered just about everything I was thinking about. Other than what you have I thought about checking out the mapparium in the Mary Baker Eddy library. If your into music/comics then Newbury Comics might be worth checking out.

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I've never felt drawn to check anything out in Boston during PAX. During the day I have to run around to appointments and such, and at nights I have to run around to bars and whatnot getting drrruuuuuuuuunnnnk.

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I recommend the MIT museum. It's small but has much more to appeal to nerds than maybe the MFA does.

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Don't miss Quincy Market. Hit a few pubs. Giant Bomb usually claims one of them Friday night anyway. Depending on how much you're willing to spend, Boston has some of the best food in the world. I could rattle off about fifteen fantastic restaurants.

MFA is great. Museum of Science is also pretty cool. The aquarium is awesome, but is sadly under renovations and partially closed at the moment. MIT Museum, as mentioned. Just seeing MIT and Harvard could be cool if you're the waking type. The Garden / North Station could also be cool if you're a basketball or hockey fan. It's easy enough to walk around in and check out.

If you enjoy shopping check out the back bay. Newbury st, etc. Some of the most famous shopping sections in the country.

Boston's not as difficult to navigate as the GB guys make it sound. The T should be able to get you within short walking distance of pretty much anywhere in the city. Don't take cabs. Avoid the homeless people selling stolen Kindles. Don't be surprised by the silverline buses going one billion km/h. They're supposed to do that.

Not sure where you're from, but keep in mind Boston will be cold and snowy. Don't dress like it's a trip to Florida if you're not from the northeast. It won't be cold to the locals, but I know a lot of PAX fly-ins find anything below 30F to be unbearable. It was 12F this morning so plan accordingly.

If you do get lost in Cambridge, @roughneck117 is your man. I don't know my way around Cambridge for shit. I stick to the city.

@matthew: I don't know what you're talking about. I'm from Mars.

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@brewmaster_andy: I'll probably check out Harpoon because of your recommendation. I'll do what I always do and avoid anything Sam Adams.

@sweep: We're all trying to avoid you, I guess? I was really close to going last year, but I never pulled the trigger.

@riostarwind: The Mapparium sounds really cool and if I have time and in the area, I might check it out.

@rolyatkcinmai: Those are some good recommendations and I expect to do a ton of walking, but I haven't decided to traverse past Boston into Cambridge, but since I'm planning to stumble into Back Bay, I might swing across the bridge to MIT just to say I went there.

I'm not too worried about the cold, but I was hoping for more seasonal temperatures. Actually, Boston is expected to be a few degrees warmer than my hometown, but a high of 40F is still cold. I'll be wearing an extra layer of clothes and breaking out the knit hat.

By the way, I thought there was a Boston guide somewhere on Giant Bomb, but I'm a lazy bastard and haven't searched yet. If anybody has a link, that would be awesome. If there is none and I'm hallucinating, just slap me silly on Friday when I'm in line for the Giant Bomb panel.

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-New England Aquarium (Largest I’ve been to besides Atlanta) is close and I believe there is a ferry there that will take you across the harbor for like $2 toward Bunker Hill Monument (which is ok) and USS Constitution (might be me, but old frigates and ships are pretty awesome)

-Museum of Science is big and quite amazing (planetarium, IMAX Theater, and “Lightning Dome” inside), but also a bit of a T ride away from the Convention area

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Convention Center is fairly North End adjacent. A few T-stops and you’re deep in Italian food splendor. These examples are kinda tourist-y, but for good reason

I personally would argue some of the best pizza in the city is at Regina Pizza on 11 1/2 Thacher Street. Yes, there is a chain of "Regina’s" across Boston and the state, but those are fairly mediocre cash-ins. This is the original location and has thrown off a number of NY/CT/NJ pizza fanatics with its deliciousness. The Napoletana pizza is worth braving anchovies for.

Also for a lavish dessert to share among new friends, there are the two feuding pastry shops: Mike’s (known as Mekay’s to locals) and Modern. Arguments have been on-going for decades, threats made, powdered sugar spilled. I’m partial to Mike’s for their stupendous Florentine cannoli, but you’d be hard pressed to find a terrible item at either shop.

Mike’s is 300 Hanover Street, while Modern is on 257 Hanover Street (understand the rivalry now?)

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I'm from the area and I second the Aquarium/North End suggestion.

Oh, and if anyone is doing a group bar thing Friday, I think my friend may be leaving early. Take me on a date :3

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If anyone is taking an extended break there Boston Bruins have a home game against the maple leafs on monday 25th (ice hockey)

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@rmack said:

I'm from the area and I second the Aquarium/North End suggestion.

Oh, and if anyone is doing a group bar thing Friday, I think my friend may be leaving early. Take me on a date :3

I think someone wants their shoulder touched.

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@dalai said:

@rmack said:

I'm from the area and I second the Aquarium/North End suggestion.

Oh, and if anyone is doing a group bar thing Friday, I think my friend may be leaving early. Take me on a date :3

I think someone wants their shoulder touched.


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