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I'm almost more excited for this than for the actual show.

Who's down to form a band? I wanna get up there and drunkenly sing something.

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I won't play, but I will make fun of you for playing!

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Sold out QQ. Oh well, does anyone know if they offer additional tickets at the door?

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good thing i got mines already! damn that was quick!

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Got mine when they first went up, seriously stoked about this. I will also gladly play anything in anybody's band.

#8 Posted by Brewmaster_Andy (600 posts) -

@shinboy630: Typically not, but you never know. The Brattle is a pretty small theater, and with how rowdy the crowd gets it can be important for them to somewhat limit the number of people.

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@shinboy630 I just checked the website to see if they've released anymore tickets. Looks like they may have some left if you get them from the theatre ahead of time. Depending on where you live you may want to try calling before you head over. Their number is (617) 876-6837 Good luck

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@chapsy: Thanks for the info, I'll give it a shot

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