Giant Bomb/Gamespot Meet and Greet

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Looks to be a chance for duders to come down if they don't have passes for the Saturday panel.

Bummer about the 21+ restriction though, counts me out.

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Cool for folks going! One year I'm gonna get my ass down to PAX East. Seems like a great time.

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@jjbsterling: Don't worry your time will come one day. I've gone to pax east ever since the beginning and this is the first time I will actually be 21 so I can go to the meet up

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Fuck. This would have been an absolute must for me.

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Either I can have a great time at the Beer Garden or it's way too packed and I can actually go around and get in on some tabletop and casual free player after-hours. Goddamnit this PAX is just busting at the seams.

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Why did this have to overlap with the CAH panel?


I guess I have a decision to make.

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ooooo we are going to be up there on friday already for the panel...maybe i can make this...

....or is it a dirty april fools joke...

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This sounds pretty good!

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Well I guess this means we don't need to fight our way into a pup at 11:30 at night after the panel =P

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is it really only +21 because the place itself is all ages before 9pm

not that i have to worry. so is it an organized thing or is everyone gonna just be standing around drinking?

...and there's no dress code????

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@billymagnum: I'm gonna assume since it says 21+ you should assume it's 21+. You don't want to push it with bars.

I assume this is just everyone standing around and drinking, which when there is drinking involved that's pretty organized.

From the website the place looks like a nicer sports bar. TVs everywhere, nice tables and chair, a patio area, and a great view. I'm assuming it isn't a fancy establishment. So you can probably get away with jeans and a hoodie. I also don't imagine the GB/Gamespot dudes picking a super fancy place to drink heavily at.

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@billymagnum: I'm gonna assume since it says 21+ you should assume it's 21+. You don't want to push it with bars.

calling ahead can't hurt especially if you are gonna be out there but you aren't 21. im not saying "push it" im saying check it out if its important to you.

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I'm betting this will be "Standing around drinking." I don't see a problem with that! I went to one a few pax's ago and it was a blast. All the GB guys are approachable and cordial. At that one, there were a bunch of other industry guys like Jeff Green stopping by too. If you're at PAX and are a fan over 21 there's NO reason not to go.

See ya there, duders!

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Glad i'll have another chance to see the GB Crew in person. If it's as fun as everyone else is saying it should be a nice consolation for not going to PAX.

Last year i didn't get to see much of Boston so it will be nice to explore a little.

Edit: Be funny if there was a UPF Live Stream from the bar.

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@generalskull: I'm gonna go with no. On that page, at the bottom of the info panel, it says RSVP to stay up to date. And no other post about this event, that I've seen, has mentioned tickets or RSVPing as a requirement. I will add that getting there a little early may be ideal cause I bet it will get packed quickly.

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@finaldasa: Hopefully that is the case. I would be super bummed if I showed up and needed an RSVP to get in haha.

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hope the do this at Pax prime, they haven't done an after party either time I met them.

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Was there last year for a Retronauts thing. Wasn't particularly dressy. A fun enough dive.

Conflicted between this and the CAH panel, but will probably balance it out by gregariously drinking those worries away with other duders

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What time are people going to start to head over?

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