Planning PAX Tabletop Sessions

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I should play tabletop games. I do not. I am a graduate student and struggle with my own time, not to mention trying to find time with my grad school friends to learn board games. But I know many people here know them well.

Last year in Boston was my first PAX. I found the sea of people in the tabletop area overwhelming and did not know where to start, despite being told many people are approachable and willing to teach newbies. So would some Giant Bomb folks attending PAX East be willing to bring along a new guy? I am just hoping to set some times and days with some people from my favorite site to learn this previously ignored aspect of my gaming life.

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If I was going, I'd be more than happy, but im not :(

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I'd be happy to play some games with you. I have a group of friends and we play a ton of stuff in the Table Top area. I'll send you my info and we can figure out a time we are free!!!


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