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StreetPAX Prime 2012

Thanks for the info, Patrick Klepek.
Thanks for the info, Patrick Klepek.

Starting with PAX Prime 2011, StreetPassing has been a pretty big deal. That first PAX with 3DS, I accumulated about 350 Mii's in my plaza. Then, at PAX East 2012, I added over 500 more. At PAX Prime 2012, I didn't get quite that many. I mostly ignored my 3DS on the third day, but still ended up with over 450 StreetPasses over the course of the four days I was in Seattle. I really wish they would up the maximum number of StreetPasses you can get at once from ten. After a while, it just becomes too tedious to clear them out during the show especially when another ten get collected WHILE you're clearing out the previous ten. It's a never ending loop of Miis. Gross.

At the end of the weekend, I once again had all of the available puzzle pieces. And, I'm on what appears to be my second to last run in terms of filling in all the spots in the Find Mii dungeon. That shit takes forever when you're just throwing army after army of level one Miis at those enemies.

Break It Down

What population of PAX attendees are female? Well, if StreetPass is to be believed, then it's about one in about every six.

No Caption Provided

If you're not familiar with StreetPass, one of the things you can display in your profile is whether you prefer dogs or cats. So, are most PAX goers dog people or cat people? Well, as you can see, it kind of depends on their gender. Not too surprising I guess.

Male - Dogs vs CatsAll of PAX - Dogs vs CatsFemale - Dogs vs Cats
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Unsurprisingly, the state of Washington is by far the most represented region at PAX Prime. But, I also ran into several international folks as well as many Canadians. And to that one person living in the Northwest Territories, damn. As a side note, the only state (including DC and Puerto Rico) that I haven't met someone from is Wyoming. I guess that makes sense, but I guess I need to book a layover in Cheyenne next year or something.

The percentages below are based on the entire population of StreetPasses, not just America and/or International.

United States of America

Arkansas10.22%New Hampshire10.22%
California4910.77%New Jersey30.66%
Colorado51.10%New Mexico10.22%
Connecticut00.00%New York00.00%
Delaware00.00%North Carolina20.44%
District of Columbia00.00%North Dakota10.22%
Illinois61.32%Puerto Rico00.00%
Indiana40.88%Rhode Island10.22%
Iowa00.00%South Carolina00.00%
Kansas10.22%South Dakota00.00%
Minnesota30.66%West Virginia00.00%
USA (no state listed)61.32%

Canada / International

Alberta255.49%Alsace, France10.22%
British Columbia357.69%Capital Territory, Australia10.22%
Manitoba10.22%Dublin, Ireland10.22%
New Brunswick00.00%Ibaraki, Japan10.22%
Newfoundland00.00%England, United Kingdom20.44%
Northwest Territories10.22%Sonora, Mexico10.22%
Nunavut00.00%Stockholm, Sweden10.22%
Nova Scotia00.00%
Prince Edward Island00.00%


  • Americans - 378 (83.08%)
  • Canadians - 69 (15.16%)
  • International - 8 (1.76%)

Based on these totals, it can be said that you are more likely to meet Canadian and other International 3DS owners in Seattle than you are in Boston (9.8% and 0.96% respectively).

Most Popular Games & Apps

For those who don't own a 3DS, when you StreetPass someone, it tells you the last thing that they played. Whether it was a game or an app, their Mii is holding a little sign with the logo on it. So, based on this information, here are the top 10 most popular games and apps during PAX Prime 2012.

New Super Mario Bros. 255Swapnote31
Theatrhythm Final Fantasy27System Settings28
Mario Kart 722Nintendo Zone Viewer26
Super Mario 3D Land19Mii Maker24
Pokemon White Version12Nintendo eShop14
Kingdom Hearts 3D10Pokedex 3D14
Pokemon Black Version10Download Play10
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D10Activity Log9
Kid Icarus: Uprising6Nintendo 3DS Sound8
Pokemon Conquest6Nintendo 3DS Camera7

The Raw Data

If you see your name on here somewhere, let me know. Also, the average number of Miis in any given person's plaza is 382. One guy had close to 3000. That's crazy. I'm around 1500 or so after three PAX's.

NameLocationLatest GamePetsSexPlaza
???BCMii MakerCatsM225
+++JapanSystem SettingsCatsF1629
~TMNMii MakerDogsF27
AaerinWAPokemon White VersionDogsM272
AdiasAngelMIMii MakerDogsF937
AlWAPokemon Black VersionCatsM338
AlbanarOKSystem SettingsCatsM420
AldoUSATheatrhythm Final FantasyDogsM199
AleeWAPokemon Black VersionCatsF115
AlexORNintendo Zone ViewerCatsM142
AlexandreWAMario Kart 7DogsM323
amalfushiWAMario Kart 7-M471
AmandaWADokapon JourneyCatsF409
AmmutABNew Super Mario Bros. 2-M447
AnaWANintendo Zone Viewer-F69
AndresCAMetroid FusionDogsM415
AndrewWAPokemon White VersionDogsM425
AndrewTNGhost Trick: Phantom DetectiveDogsM389
AndrewWAMario Tennis Open-M81
AndyBoyBCResident Evil RevelationsCatsM1172
AntonioFLNintendo Zone ViewerDogsM58
ArianCAMii MakerCatsM318
ArtVAShin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor OverclockedDogsM786
ASCOBCProfessor Layton and the Curious VillageCatsF157
AshPaulsenCANew Super Mario Bros. 2DogsM1647
AustinCAActivity LogDogsM1362
AveryWANintendo 3DS SoundDogsF829
AwhsomeWAActivity LogDogsM1850
ballsWASuper Mario 3D Land-M148
BartholoFLNintendo Zone Viewer-M198
BARTZ13ORPokedex 3DDogsM170
BatmanVAStar Fox 64 3D-M222
BaxterWAThe Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3DCatsM41
BeardyUTPokemon White VersionDogsM163
BeardySwedenNew Super Mario Bros. 2CatsM98
BeauRosserWAPokedex 3DDogsM456
BejaBCSystem SettingsDogsM357
BenWADownload PlayCatsM650
BenjaminMOSystem SettingsDogsM471
bigboldWAPokedex 3D-M452
bigdumhipyPATheatrhythm Final FantasyCatsM339
BozabaABNew Super Mario Bros. 2DogsM315
BradfordAZSuper Mario 3D LandDogsM401
BrandonWAKingdom Hearts 3DDogsM493
BreezyWAThe Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DXDogsF555
BrentBCNew Super Mario Bros. 2-M18
BrettABMario Kart 7DogsM173
BrettBCMario Tennis Open-M88
BrianWAShin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor OverclockedDogsM493
BrianCAMario Kart 7-M55
BrittABMario's Picross-F561
BronyMikeBCNew Super Mario Bros. 2CatsM1714
Bruce WiiWA--M2
BryanABFire Emblem: The Sacred Stones-M114
brycecubeNVNew Super Mario Bros. 2DogsM196
BubsORNintendo 3DS SoundCatsM1027
BzWAActivity Log-M322
C-JoBCNintendo Zone ViewerDogsM125
CabrillUTNintendo Zone ViewerCatsM274
CaliBCSystem SettingsDogsM235
CatONKirby Mass AttackCatsF255
CatrixaORPokedex 3DCatsF327
CattTXNew Super Mario Bros. 2CatsF484
ChareyORKid Icarus: Uprising-M250
chaseWASuper Mario 3D LandDogsM101
chestoneCANintendo eShop-M565
ChichenCAPokemon Black Version-M101
Chii_OsWASonic the Hedgehog: Triple TroubleCatsM320
ChopStyxCANintendo 3DS CameraDogsM110
ChrisNJSonic GenerationsDogsM1311
ChrisAKNew Super Mario Bros. 2DogsM251
ChrisWANintendo Zone Viewer-M77
ChrisGANew Super Mario Bros. 2-M1
ChuckPANintendo Zone ViewerDogsM397
ClintWASuper Mario Bros.CatsM668
CloudyIceBCSuper Mario Bros.CatsM244
CocoTXPokemon Black VersionCatsF305
CodyABThe Legend of ZeldaDogsM423
CodyWAMii MakerDogsM305
CodyWAPokemon Black VersionCatsM110
CowsCrazyONDr. Mario ExpressCatsM956
CreedWANew Super Mario Bros. 2-M57
CrisMBZelda: Four Swords Anniversary EditionDogsF19
CutestieWAMii MakerCatsF66
CyricZNHSystem SettingsDogsM929
DagronCAMetroid FusionDogsM491
DanTXPokedex 3DDogsM111
DanoAZSystem SettingsDogsM425
darkcobraWAMii MakerDogsM335
DaveUKPokedex 3DCatsM1672
DaveUKThe Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D-M601
DaveWAActivity LogDogsM508
davidWAPokemon SoulSilverDogsM8
DbtdCarrotWAPokemon White Version-M357
DeadScottCAMario Kart 7-M152
DennisNVTheatrhythm Final FantasyDogsM318
DerekBCMario Kart 7CatsM621
DestilAZTheatrhythm Final FantasyCatsM76
DevinXtrmUTPokemon Black VersionCatsM646
DKCKYNew Super Mario Bros. 2CatsM113
DocCATheatrhythm Final FantasyCatsM948
DommiusABPokemon White VersionCatsM226
DomnallAZKingdom Hearts 3D-M544
DOscarCATheatrhythm Final FantasyDogsM991
Double JWASystem SettingsDogsM453
DougCA3D Classics Kirby's AdventureCatsM519
DragonNVSystem SettingsDogsF153
draklanONNintendo Zone ViewerCatsM1292
DraytonWASuper Mario 64 DSDogsM177
DrewUTNew Super Mario Bros. 2-M249
DrewCAPokemon White VersionDogsM199
DrewWANew Super Mario Bros. 2DogsM110
DrGrumblesWAPokemon ConquestDogsM221
DTJAAAAMWATheatrhythm Final FantasyDogsM2956
DueceBCDownload PlayDogsM321
DustinWIMario Kart 7CatsM148
DyreWITheatrhythm Final FantasyCatsM221
EdoNDRagnarok DSDogsM4
EmberWAThe New York Times CrosswordsDogsF28
emilyWASystem Settings-F199
ErikWANintendo eShop-M91
EthorCANew Super Mario Bros. 2-M173
EverettCATheatrhythm Final Fantasy-M619
Eyes5BCPicross 3D-F732
FauntleroyWANew Super Mario Bros. 2DogsM977
FaustusORNintendo eShop-M31
FishWANintendo eShopDogsM135
FoolioWAMario Kart 7DogsM239
FoxWAMetroid FusionCatsM501
FrankUSASystem Settings-M301
FriedONThe Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D-M455
FrubenWANintendo VideoCatsM572
furuiCATales of the AbyssCatsM172
G$WADownload PlayDogsM538
GabsterORWarioWare Inc.: Mega Microgame$-M456
GamechampWAGame & Watch GalleryCatsM25
GenXerUSANew Super Mario Bros. 2DogsM1060
GingyABMetroid II Return of SamusCatsF645
gmanWASuper Street Fighter IV 3D EditionCatsM308
GoatousILShin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor OverclockedCatsM541
GrandfathaTXNew Super Mario Bros. 2-M90
HaleyBCMario Kart 7DogsM830
HammerWANintendo VideoDogsM445
HansABSuper Mario 3D LandDogsM806
HanzWAPokemon Black Version-M317
HedinnWeisWANintendo 3DS SoundCatsM68
HidoWAKingdom Hearts 3D-M111
HiesenbergWAMii MakerCatsM528
HilaeriWADownload PlayCatsF78
HodenWASuper Mario 3D LandDogsM276
HolimionORPokemon ConquestDogsM257
HylianHeroABNew Super Mario Bros. 2DogsM582
IanORFire Emblem: Shadow DragonCatsM205
inpheauxFLThe Legend of ZeldaDogsM645
J-64WASystem SettingsDogsM978
JackWAMario Kart 7-M478
JackCASystem Settings-M204
JakeWAMario Kart 7DogsM42
JamesBCSystem SettingsCatsM374
JamesCANew Super Mario Bros. 2CatsM221
James DOR3D Classics ExcitebikeDogsM785
JamieODIrelandNintendo 3DS SoundDogsM383
JasonCASpeedX 3DDogsM473
JasonABNew Super Mario Bros. 2CatsM433
JasonONKirby & The Amazing MirrorCatsM387
JawobazABTheatrhythm Final Fantasy-M101
JayFLSuper Street Fighter IV 3D EditionDogsM137
JediteNMChrono TriggerDogsM64
JeffWANew Super Mario Bros. 2DogsM202
jeffchazSATheatrhythm Final FantasyCatsF182
JennytaliaNVNew Super Mario Bros. 2DogsF457
jepNJWarioWare Inc.: Mega Microgame$DogsM1040
JeremyWAMario Kart 7CatsM570
JeremyORNintendo eShopDogsM431
JeremyWATales of the AbyssCatsM309
Jerrad N.WAPokedex 3DDogsM138
JesseWANew Super Mario Bros. 2DogsM315
JillianFLKingdom Hearts 3DCatsF402
JimDrkMajkAZNintendo Zone ViewerDogsM265
JimmyLANew Super Mario Bros. 2DogsM44
jindraxINMario Kart 7DogsM478
JoMANew Super Mario Bros. 2CatsF862
joeWANintendo eShopDogsM121
JonAZNintendo Zone ViewerDogsM378
Jon G.WANew Super Mario Bros. 2CatsM424
JorvanWAMii MakerCatsM389
JoshORMario Kart DS-M89
JoshuaORSuper Mario 3D LandCatsM98
jpegTXMii MakerCatsM322
JubeiCAPokedex 3D-M448
JudeMTKingdom Hearts 3DCatsM423
JumboMTDownload PlayCatsM184
JustinNETheatrhythm Final FantasyDogsM803
JustinMONintendo Zone Viewer-M296
JzigNCShin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked-M188
karenWAMii MakerCatsF121
KateyNVLEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars-F48
KaziticusNVTheatrhythm Final FantasyDogsM316
KeenaNWSystem SettingsCatsF16
KendraBCKid Icarus: UprisingCatsF121
KennyAZMighty Switch Force!DogsM482
KennyCOKingdom Hearts 3D-M80
KentronWAHarvest Moon: The Tale of Two MoonDogsM168
KeshifWAMii MakerCatsM496
KevinCAPokedex 3DDogsM596
KevoBCNew Super Mario Bros. 2CatsM876
KitesBCPokemon ConquestCatsM148
KrisORColors! 3DDogsM408
krisORSuper Mario 3D LandDogsM87
KruthWASpectrobes: Beyond the Portals-M222
kttnhggr14ORNew Super Mario Bros. 2-M80
KtywfWAPokemon White Version-M118
KushabaWARhythm Thief-M33
KwaizyAustraliaTheatrhythm Final FantasyDogsM195
KyouWADownload PlayDogsM782
Lady NikkiCATheatrhythm Final FantasyDogsF170
LadyTaeIDProfessor Layton and the Unwound FutureCatsF233
LendontaklGATales of the AbyssDogsM407
LimonpiWAResident Evil: The Mercenaries 3DCatsM304
LinkABDownload PlayDogsM333
LiradWAAlex Rider StormbreakerCatsM273
LizzyWAPicdun GO SeriesCatsF978
LongBCSuper Mario 3D LandDogsM224
Lord_SynWANintendo VideoCatsM398
LostSQWANew Super Mario Bros. 2CatsM391
m4gnusCAPokemon Black VersionCatsM701
MakUSAStar Fox 64 3DCatsM122
MandyCANew Super Mario Bros. 2DogsF172
Mar MarWANintendo eShopDogsF73
MasimasiWATheatrhythm Final FantasyDogsF159
MasonWAKirby's Dream Land-M354
MatBCSystem Settings-M37
MattWATheatrhythm Final FantasyDogsM250
MattBCSuper Mario 3D LandDogsM248
MattORNintendo Zone ViewerCatsM102
MayWANintendo Zone ViewerCatsF132
MayoCASuper Mario 3D LandDogsM803
meNCActivity LogCatsM579
MegCANintendo Zone ViewerCatsF364
MejordanWAMario Kart 7DogsM348
Meke RainWAThe Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D-F88
MelisanWAMii MakerCatsF30
MemkWASuper Mario 3D LandDogsM251
MemmensCAMii MakerDogsF627
metalyCANew Super Mario Bros. 2CatsM443
MichaelWANintendo Zone ViewerDogsM85
MiichelleWAMii MakerDogsF362
MiKaylaWASystem SettingsDogsF195
MikeyWASystem Settings-M22
Miss JessFLMario Kart 7DogsF269
Mixy MaeNVNintendo 3DS CameraDogsF317
Mochi*WAThe Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3DCatsF35
MonoWATheatrhythm Final FantasyCatsF264
monte277WAMii Maker-M7
MontgomeryCAKid Icarus: UprisingDogsM776
MoombaMTTheatrhythm Final Fantasy-M760
MortimerWANew Super Mario Bros. 2DogsM307
MozartWAPokemon Black Version-M246
MR YoshiWASwapnoteDogsM832
Mr.SnuffleWAAlex Rider Stormbreaker-M87
MrBlarneyCANintendo eShopCatsM262
NagashiWATheatrhythm Final Fantasy-M92
NateWAThe Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D-M114
NeilWAActivity LogDogsM127
NessyNJTheatrhythm Final FantasyDogsM1454
NeuKatlYstUTKingdom Hearts 3DCatsM259
NickWANew Super Mario Bros. 2DogsM352
NickTXActivity LogDogsM269
NickWAKid Icarus: Uprising-M248
NickCASystem SettingsDogsM32
NickWANintendo 3DS Sound-M8
NickolasWANew Super Mario Bros. 2CatsM61
NunchucksMANew Super Mario Bros. 2CatsM1350
o2dazoneNVNintendo eShopDogsM174
OdesainWAKingdom Hearts 3DCatsM122
OmegaCOMii MakerDogsM199
OrlandoWANew Super Mario Bros. 2DogsM534
P.GamerWASuper Street Fighter IV 3D EditionCatsM1793
p3t3rORMario Kart 7DogsM169
PatWASuper Mario 3D LandDogsM608
PatrickCANew Super Mario Bros. 2DogsM647
PatrickWASuper Mario 3D Land-M247
PatrickCAThe Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D-M200
PeteWAEtrian Odyssey II: Heroes of LagaardDogsM92
peteyWASystem Settings-M84
PikaPuffHINintendo 3DS SoundCatsM557
PitaFLNew Super Mario Bros. 2-M341
PixelatedVASystem SettingsCatsM31
PootzMNTheatrhythm Final FantasyDogsM349
PopsPAMario Kart 7-M1
Prof. PineWANew Super Mario Bros. 2DogsM535
PsychoPezPADownload Play-M1032
PsyJoeCAResident Evil RevelationsCatsM1395
PyCATheatrhythm Final FantasyCatsM1288
pyoroBCSystem SettingsDogsM181
QADaveWAPokedex 3DDogsM210
QuadraticONTheatrhythm Final FantasyCatsM130
QuietJayINNintendo 3DS SoundDogsM781
R.JTXDownload PlayDogsM384
RachelIDMario Tennis OpenCatsF194
RadmanWANew Super Mario Bros. 2DogsM940
RagnarokWAMario Kart 7DogsM361
RandyWASuper Mario Bros.-M82
RaphFranceNintendo eShopCatsM180
RenRIProfessor Layton and the Unwound FutureCatsF236
RichCANew Super Mario Bros. 2DogsM418
RichardWATheatrhythm Final FantasyCatsM210
RikWANintendo Zone Viewer-M238
River SongWANew Super Mario Bros. 2-F216
RoWANintendo eShopCatsF381
RobILMii MakerDogsM187
Robert BCONew Super Mario Bros. 2DogsM543
RoboCheeseVADownload PlayDogsM771
RobotfanWAKid Icarus: UprisingCatsM321
Rock LeeWAPokemon White VersionCatsM303
RonMIYoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3DogsM658
RoseABNintendo 3DS CameraCatsF508
RoxyCANintendo eShopCatsF476
RudiINMighty Milky WayCatsM468
SalariWAPokemon Black VersionCatsM549
SallybearWAPokedex 3DDogsM263
SamORSuper Street Fighter IV 3D EditionDogsM269
samredWAMutant MuddsCatsM1206
ScottORNew Super Mario Bros. 2CatsM233
ScottCANew Super Mario Bros. 2DogsM124
ScramblezBCPhoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Trials and TribulationsCatsM290
SeaGnomeCAPokedex 3D-M45
SeanABTales of the AbyssDogsM425
SeanUSANintendo 3DS Camera-M206
ShayWANew Super Mario Bros. 2CatsM251
ShinCAPokemon ConquestCatsM504
ShmebulockMANew Super Mario Bros. 2DogsM258
ShPhoenixABNew Super Mario Bros. 2-M130
Sir LagABNintendo VideoCatsM542
SkullKidWASystem SettingsCatsF317
SmorlockBCThe Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3DDogsM108
SNAK33ATERORMii MakerCatsM87
SneakyChknWANintendo Zone ViewerCatsF284
SolelronORSystem Settings-M20
SolrenWAPokemon ConquestDogsM213
SoludSnakeBCMii Maker-M352
sotheaTXNintendo eShopDogsM7
SoybeanWASuper Mario 3D LandDogsF339
SpenceABMario Tennis OpenDogsM1148
SpencerORMii MakerDogsM334
SpoonyBradWANintendo 3DS CameraCatsM547
SteveORSuper Mario 3D LandDogsM286
StoogeWATetris Axis-M162
StuartORKingdom Hearts 3D-M271
SupatazoWATales of the AbyssCatsM180
SuzamaORNintendo eShopDogsF299
SuzanneWA3D Classics Kid IcarusDogsF262
SwoopesMOSystem Settings-F143
SwordMageAZThe Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3DDogsF27
SyncroVASuper Mario 3D LandCatsM596
T TimeMNTheatrhythm Final Fantasy-M1194
TamarraORTheatrhythm Final FantasyCatsF119
TannerWADevil Survivor 2CatsM342
tbowl.coWAResident Evil RevelationsCatsM153
tCobraTNMario Kart 7CatsM605
TeenelvesWAActivity LogDogsM444
TenyearBCNintendo Zone ViewerCatsM160
terbearWAPokemon White Version-F145
ThatjonguyMINintendo 3DS Sound-M1020
The DonNEPokemon White Version-M326
The GrueCOSwapnoteDogsM932
TheForksFLKid Icarus: UprisingDogsM568
theyTXPokedex 3D-M232
ThirmuriABNintendo Zone Viewer-M251
ThomasWAMario Kart 7CatsM240
TimothyORNintendo Zone ViewerCatsM126
TLyABTetris AxisDogsM579
TMTUSANintendo Zone ViewerDogsM59
tr0tskyBCMii MakerCatsM154
TrentyNVNintendo Zone ViewerCatsM57
TrevinINNintendo VideoDogsM389
TrevorWASuper Mario 3D LandCatsM591
TreyWASystem SettingsDogsM58
Trey D.WANew Super Mario Bros. 2DogsM711
TristanBCAnimal Crossing: Wild World-M253
TristanAZThe Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3DDogsM29
TsudaiWANintendo Zone ViewerCatsM369
TUGBCNew Super Mario Bros. 2DogsM737
TumultuousWAPokemon White Version-F282
TwistedWANew Super Mario Bros. 2-M281
TylerWAMario Kart DSCatsM385
Tyler ColpWANintendo 3DS CameraCatsM96
uglyDukWAPokedex 3DDogsM33
UnderlostWISystem SettingsCatsM251
vashCASuper Mario 3D Land-M285
ViathonWANintendo 3DS CameraDogsM716
vidFLFace RaidersDogsM366
WaceyUTPokemon White VersionDogsM401
Wait4It…WANew Super Mario Bros. 2-M214
Walkin'GANintendo VideoDogsM1089
WasabiboiiWANintendo Zone ViewerDogsM132
WedgeWASystem Settings-M504
WessWAKingdom Hearts 358/2 DaysDogsM493
WheatleyWAAnimal Crossing: Wild WorldDogsM694
WilliamCASuper Mario 3D Land-M45
xopherAZNintendo Video-M229
XzanthWAActivity Log-M29
YourBigMomWAMario Kart 7-M115
Yuffie1972WAMario Kart 7CatsF813
YuloBCPokemon ConquestCatsM142
ZakisCAMii Maker-M174
Zero-chanCANew Super Mario Bros. 2CatsF2807
ZERO2281ILNew Super Mario Bros. 2-M367
ZestaryWAKingdom Hearts 3DCatsM149
ZinnWANintendo Zone ViewerCatsM66
Avatar image for ajayraz
#2 Posted by AjayRaz (12794 posts) -

jesus christ Marino. this is totally bonkers and also pretty awesome. i would have thought that a gathering of people from people on the internet would have preferred cats over dogs

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#3 Posted by Matt (1083 posts) -

Yes I have a question. How does the lack of street passing with me effect your PAX experience?

Avatar image for starvinggamer
#4 Posted by StarvingGamer (11304 posts) -

Fuck sakes man, you love data.

Avatar image for marino
#5 Posted by Marino (6202 posts) -

@Matt: Well, as you can see, I found two other people from the UK to fill the void.

Avatar image for matt
#6 Posted by Matt (1083 posts) -

@Marino: You heartless bastard!

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#7 Posted by Corvak (1789 posts) -

Come to MAGFest, I can get you that Nova Scotia tag :)

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#8 Posted by Marino (6202 posts) -
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#9 Posted by Sweep (10145 posts) -

You are a sociopath.

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#10 Posted by FinalDasa (3033 posts) -

Theatrhythm well represented o.O

Avatar image for marino
#11 Posted by Marino (6202 posts) -

@FinalDasa: I'm still playing it. Hopefully it'll be easier to get specific shards now that I'm full up on darknotes from StreetPasses.

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#12 Posted by sarge1445 (736 posts) -

once again we did not street pass owell pax 2013 it is

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#13 Posted by CaptainSidekick (37 posts) -

Oh man. I'm sorta sad I didn't StreetPass ya.

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#14 Edited by YoungFrey (1363 posts) -

I have a Japanese 3DS, and I for one didn't know you could select cats or dogs as your favorite. I just made semi-random selections until it worked. But I can see Marino didn't streetpass with me (and I did over 800 so that tells you something that we didn't intersect), so I still don't know what pet and home region I have selected.

Also, I recognize a number of those Miis. SwordMage and JimDrkMajk specifically.

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#15 Edited by DustoMan (40 posts) -
DustinWIMario Kart 7CatsM148

There I am!! I was happy that I was able to beat Find Mii during the Saturday Night Concert. Got to the end credits, then reset it again so I could keep earning hats. I was also able to complete 8 Puzzle Swap panels. I wish I lived in an area where I could do this more often. I ended up getting about 248 total StreetPasses during my whole trip to PAX. Oh and I thought it was really cool that I ended up getting three tags from places that don't have maps - Ireland, Haiti, and Montserrat.

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