This picture sums up why I love PAX

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Brad Muir just walked up to me in line of the Cave and said thank you to me and my buddy for liking Doublefine. Then I told him I was a huge fan of him and his interactions with the bomb squad and he got so excited. Then later we danced to dubsteap at the kinect party booth. PAX is all about the people you like being awesome and happy to meet you.

Please Note: This was before Brad's mutation in The Lang Zone.

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Brad Muir is such an awesome dude. Talked to him for maybe an hour at the Double Fine afterparty. Just so jazzed about games, people who like games, and life in general really. Hope he pops up in more GB stuff in the future. Oh, and pro-tip. If you plan on getting someone to sign your Cards Against Humanity expansion, open the box and get it signed on the inside. My "Dave Lang!" autograph rubbed off in my pocket :-(

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You met Dave Lang!?!

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You actually met a double, the real Brad Muir was arrested for identity theft.

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@Kraznor: That party was so much fun. Holy crap. Also, Brad is pretty great (hell, everyone there was pretty great).

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