Duder at PAX Prime 2013

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Made it out to PAX for the very first time and holy smokes it was incredible!

There's some pretty cool games, but I'd have to say some of the best stuff I saw was smaller things like this.

Also, out of all the games I messed around with there, I actually had the most fun playing some classic Smash Brothers with random gamers on the N64

And playing some goddamn Street Fighter II Championship Edition on an honest to goodness real arcade cabinet. I put up a quarter to indicate I was next and got a few knowing chuckles only to see my quarter disappear into the cabinet between the glass pane and the control panel... Rookie mistake -_-;;

Though far beyond anything else, was meeting up with a bunch of people like myself and seeing that they're all really a cool and awesome bunch. Starting off with the amazing John Drake who just KILLED this selfie. He also gave me a fancy Fantasia hat and some straight up MS money...

Also ran into Greg Kasavin at the Transistor booth and he also was pretty super friendly.

From there I ran into and played a pretty cool card game called Resistance with @rolyatkcinmai @ltsquigs @drewbert @wafflestomp @matt @willsmith and his wife Gina. The baby was less a player and more an accessory that aided Gina in looking innocent....

https://t.co/woxNLLcg5Q https://t.co/H3qOniVFRW

Vines provided by rolyatkcinmai (Which spelled backwards is!?)

Following the games, we also encountered @pseg, @heavyduty32 and the infamous @marino. And did what needed to be done....

Left to Right. Myself, WaffleStomp, Marino, Rolyatkcinmai, Heavyduty32, PsEG, LtSquigs

Effin tourists =P

And finally also ran into @rorie who joined us for a drink at dinner. He's as amazing in person as he is on camera. Here's a Nick Vine of him explaining what he knows about vines.


and ignore my red face =)

All I can say is PAX was amazing. Thanks to all the cool people I got to meet face to face!

So yea? Anyone have any cool stories, pictures or anything to share?

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Look who's hanging with the big boys now.

I'd love to go to a PAX with the GB crew there. Stupid being in the UK...

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@fobwashed: I've played Resistance a few times at my local comic shop during their game night. I start off every match saying I'm a spy, sometimes it works wonderfully.

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The only passes I could get was Monday's because everything sold out in 3 hours. Too bad most of the gb crew will have left at that point but its still gonna be great. 1st prime, 4th pax.

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That's pretty neat, duder.

I really want one of those 'Papers Please' passports. Preferably with DENIED stamped 10 times on it.

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FAKE you didn't go at all i can tell from the bottom picture that is not a real background, you just pretending.

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@popogeejo: That sucks but I get it, I only went to this one because I live right next door =\

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There's still more days of PAX to go! :)

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Sorry bout the out of order replies, clicking reply on the phone sets the reply to the top of post instead of adding it where my cursor was on the chat entry "deck"? @ltsquigs

@markjw: @nekroskop: @squidc00kie: @ownlyuzinwonhan: That sound like a reasonable tactic but it would prolly result in me not getting picked for any missions at all from the start =P I mean, it would make zero sense to ever send the guy claiming to be a spy which hurts me if I AM a spu while at the same time excluding me from missions where me being a non-spy would help my team. Oh, and Drew was the spy... Which makes perfect sense since he's stone fucking cold.

Pretty sure you'll still have a blast. Most booths with merch type stuff seemed to be spreading out their wares so that they could sell everyday rather than run out and not have anything on future days =]

As far as I could tell, they weren't for people to take.... Maybe they were though =\ I didn't ask...

Yes, but unfortunately I only had the Fri available =\ also, I'm going on a shopping trip to Portland on Sunday morning so those two days woulda been out if reach anyway. Still, it was fun as hell.

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