Cameras detecting me when the camera room guard is down

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Question for whoever still frequents this forum...

Does anyone know how cameras work? More specifically, how they detect me when I've already taken down the camera room?

On the bank heist, I'll tie up the manager and take his key. I'll the use his keycard to enter the camera room and shout down the guard.

Everything continues rosey until an alarm goes off. It's not the dozen or so hostages, it's the camera seeing a criminal.

Is the guard spotting me and calling it in despite being cuffed?

Is it assumed that camera are watched remotely?

I supposed one player could make a camera look away, but I doubt that's it.

Any ideas?

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They seem to spot you either way. You can shoot cameras without setting anything off, but I believe that if you shoot too many of the cameras, you can run into problems as well. The game just isn't super friendly to stealth, and it seems to be more about putting detection off as long as possible rather than being able to avoid it entirely (which can happen, but is ridiculously hard).

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In my experience with the game, neutralizing the camera room guard always disabled all cameras. Perhaps something other than cameras is detecting you? If you watch carefully for the exclamation mark icons, they will appear over top of whatever is detecting you.

Also, the act of destroying a camera does not set off the alarm, regardless of the status of the camera room guard, but if a guard sees a destroyed camera, he'll immediately become suspicious (same as if he'd seen a dead body) and call in the alarm. The safest way to destroy a camera is with a melee hit, since melee hits are perfectly silent; whereas even a silenced weapon will make a little noise (more if you fire more than one shot), and nearby people (including through walls or floors) will be alerted if they hear it.

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That's weird, the cameras should be harmless once you take down the security guard in the camera room. The only heist where the cameras still work despite taking down the camera guard is the Ukranian Job.

Might be a bug, because the cameras should not be triggering alarms anymore.

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I've never had a problem with this, killing the guard has always disabled the cameras. This may be some weird bug, or perhaps something else is detecting you?

When you play it next time look closely for the exclamation mark icons around the screen, when camera detect you they will deep loudly and a bar on screen will start to fill up.

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