Delayed shipment?

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So I went to Gamestop today to pick it up after thinking about it and watching the launch trailer. They said the shipment is delayed due to so many people buying the game and they didn't have enough copies to ship (or something weird like that). Checked the local Best Buy and didn't see it there either. Anyone else having issues getting this game on consoles?

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Same story here duder, and I preordered it, Looks like it wont be until Friday (going by what some people were told).. which sucks, since I planned on playing it during my off time, and once Friday hits... I'll be back at work and SR4 is gonna be out that coming Tuesday...

Oh well.

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Yeah it looks like it is sold out even on Amazon and there's price gouging going on with some of the marketplace sellers. I guess the game was more popular than they thought. You can download on PSN if you want but I don't think it's on XBL (they really need to get day 1 digital there)

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Glad I didn't go look for it. Looks like I'll grab it on Steam. Was gonna get it on 360 since that is the only headset I have.

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Same here, EB Games didn't have it. Best Buy and Future Shop didn't even know what I was talking about.

Wish they released it day one digitally on Xbox Live.

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Yeah, I went yesterday only to find out the threads over at gamefaqs were all true. The GS employee told me come in tomorrow, so I got up this morning only for them to tell me nope not today either.

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This is a common occurrence from publisher's that aren't as "high profile". It's usually a day or two at most for the games to get to retailers after street date. Shipping used to be WAY worse last generation. I remember waiting 4 days for Groove Games Pariah for the Xbox to arrive at my EB Games at the time.

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I have not seen this kind of miscommunication before though. I bought mine from Amazon and they said 8/13/13. I was hoping to play for a week before Splinter Cell came out. I guess I dont buy alot of games from smaller publishers.

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While my pre-order not being released on the advertised date isnt a big deal I am a bit pissed at the lack of communication about it from the devs / publisher. They were fast enough to boast about becoming profitable on pre-orders alone but they are keeping a pretty low profile about this fuck up all the while boasting about the steam version being most played game etc..

Tempted to cancel my order as SR4 will be out by the time I get it and would rather play that now and pick up Payday 2 for $10 in the winter steam sale.

Pretty shoddy PR.

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GameStop sent out an email that allowed them to give out a 5 dollar gift card to customers that where visibly and vocally upset. Now if any GameStop's will acknowledge doing this is another subject, but I did it for all my Payday 2 customers today.

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