Looking For Some PS3 Duders To Heist With

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Exactly what it says. Looking for players to heist with on the PS3 version of the game. It's no fun at all playing with randoms who don't chat or coordinate with each other, so leave your PSN ID for those of us looking for some street toughs to help us pull off some amazing heists!


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PSN ID:DoubleKR.

Downloading the game now duder!

#3 Posted by Forever_Malone (6 posts) -

PSN ID:A_Cream_Puff

Having a hard time joining games. Help a duder out!

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PSN: hubli

No blank friend requests, please.

#5 Posted by Ksaw (359 posts) -

PSN: bloodcourier

#6 Posted by Tha36thchamber (60 posts) -

I'm getting this game Friday, but y'all can add me now

PSN: Tha36thChamber

#7 Posted by MikeHundreds (12 posts) -

PSN: KoolFlip89

I'd love to play with you guys, I'm having a lot of trouble just finding a lobby or getting people to join me.

#8 Posted by shivermetimbers (909 posts) -

PSN: fiddlesticks611

#9 Posted by Fyzx81 (2 posts) -

Played with my battlefield 3 friend but looking for non A.I. to play with.

PSN: SirGregMac

#10 Posted by Sethster (23 posts) -

Just downloaded the game. Hit me up for some heists!

PSN: Dwight_Locke

#11 Posted by shrillgore (53 posts) -

PSN: Shrillgore

No mic however...

#12 Posted by Dumptruck05 (8 posts) -

PSN: Dumptruck05

#13 Posted by pimsy (84 posts) -

PSN: pimsy

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