Looking for someone to play Co-op with!

#1 Posted by Hogzor (3 posts) -

Hello i am looking for another (or a couple) of "NEW" (Noob). player to play this game with in Private session.



- You must be a Team-player.

- You must speak Fluent English.

- You must be at least 20 years old (or be mature).

- You must have Skype and a Working Microphone with no Noise!

- I would appreciate if you could play at least one-two hours per day except weekends.

- I'M Speccing Demo. So would appreciate if you could be another class/specc.

- I Require you to be active.

- And most important of all You must have a great sense of humor! ;D


Abit about myself:

-I'm 22 years old.


-i work mon-fri. sometimes sunday.

-im social and i work well with others.

-i am new to FPS.

-i am an old WoW HC player (PVE). so i love strategies and tactical take-downs.

I bought this game today so we will just have to explore it together :)

My time zone is (Europe) GMT+1 and i play mostly somewhere between 17:00 - 22:00.

And of course i wish to play this game to have a good time. No hardcore Rage etc-etc.

If you find this appealing please ADD ME on Skype: Ogge_Kemi

And we can rob some banks together :D

#2 Posted by I_Stay_Puft (5024 posts) -

Errrr... I'm not looking for a full time commitment like the opening post here but if any duders who just got this game over the recent autumn sale is looking for other Giant Bomb people to play with I'm totally down. Been playing it off and on but I'd like to play this game with more people from the community. Come add me

Steam ID: I Stay Puft

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