Best time in Diamond Heist?

#1 Posted by MrMcJerk (59 posts) -

I just did it in 2 minutes, 44 seconds. Anyone top that?

#2 Posted by me2tal (18 posts) -

yeah i can, with whole 2 seconds :p

#3 Posted by MrMcJerk (59 posts) -

Ha! Very nice. I was hoping the helicopter would come at that one spot right in front... that'd probably shave off 20 seconds or so.

#4 Posted by JCTango (1485 posts) -

@MrMcJerk: @me2tal: tied ya, metal :)

2:42 diamond heist overkill

Gonna try to do 145+

#5 Posted by me2tal (18 posts) -

Awesome - but did you solo it? - because the setup seems different. And what did you use a sentry gun for?

I did it with a full team thou one of them was a lvl 34 and we just made him wait in the start zone

We ran up stairs and waited for the chopper to land

#6 Edited by JCTango (1485 posts) -

@me2tal: yeah did it solo - i just used sentry gun for my exit lol. It can be hit and miss on a pickup group, so I did it on my own - kinda fun to do to grind up some rep when nothing going on : ). When I did it on my own, the bots stayed at the beginning, like you had the lvl 34 do hehe.

I tried a few diamond heist overkill 145+ on my own, but there are just so many guards.. slows me down a lot. The keycard part too can be disheartening since it's kind of random if it automatically opens or not.... this and the extra guards make it super difficult for me.

#7 Posted by me2tal (18 posts) -

Well the run i was on was me and 2 other level 100+, i usually use trip mines to cover my run for the rooftops.

Havn't brought the DLC yet because those i play with are going for GW2 and then i'll just wait untill it gets on sale i think.

No the lvl 34 didn't dare to come out we were like suit yourself - but he was kinda scared :p most liekly because he had fucked it up earlier

#8 Edited by JCTango (1485 posts) -

@MrMcJerk: @me2tal: Oh oh, this just happened :)... got me to rep 193 too :D.

2:34 diamond heist overkill

Got lucky with the placement of the panels and patrols of the guards. Almost sprinted the whole way.

2:34 is ok, but I bet someone out there can do better :).

#9 Posted by me2tal (18 posts) -


Well i am only level 106 :p

Well an asian would probertly be able to :p

#10 Posted by MrMcJerk (59 posts) -

I've tried it on 145+ a few times, and can never get the damn codes to work.

#11 Posted by me2tal (18 posts) -

I am sure there is a reason that the achievement for that is called "Wrong code"

anyway time 2.32

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