How many of you guys beat all of the missions on overkill mode?

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I beat all of them except for green bridge. Me and my team got screwed over near the end of the green bridge mission. It got very overwhelming and we all ran out of ammo. We all had max out are characters but we still had a hard time passing that mission. Even though it can be hard as hell playing the missions on overkill mode. I still have alot of fun playing them. When you have a good team that knows what there doing it can be very enjoyable. So how many of you guys beat all of the missions on overkill mode?

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@falserelic: I'm pretty much in the same boat as you, except that Green Bridge is the ONLY thing stopping me from getting Don't Lose Face as well. I'm pretty sure I could cheese my way through Green Bridge given enough organization and enough people in reserve, but I don't feel like using exploits just to get an achievement, it's not my style.

BTW, for Green Bridge, try your damnedest to get as close to the boat as possible when the second balloon goes up. it will make things a bit easier, especially if you time the balloon release right.

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@kitsunezeta: I'll give that a try once I play green bridge. Trying to find a good team can be annoying. Especially when everybody wants to use mics all the time. I have a regularly microphone and I hate holding it up just to talk to people. It gets on my nerves when I do use a mic and all the sudden nobody doesn't want to communicate.

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I just got Green Bridge Overkill (getting Don't Lose Face in the process), just in time to have the bar raised by the 145+ patch (Patch #6). lovely.

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This seems like a good thread to ask. What is the appeal of Payday?

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I got none so far. Looking for people who want to beat all six missions on overkill.

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@Rerejo28 said:

This seems like a good thread to ask. What is the appeal of Payday?

( Sorry for the late response)

Its pretty much working together as a team to complete heists. Coming up with different strategies and tactics to accomplish your mission. While working with your team to survive the police onslaught. It can be very fun and intense at times.

Btw... just to let people know. There will be DLC on payday the heist. The developers says there will be new weapons, masks and heists. They haven't announce the release date yet. But they said its going to be released soon.

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