Payday: The Heist 24 hour live streaming charity event!

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Hey all,

Just letting Payday: The Heist GB players know that there is a scheduled 24 hour live streaming event that you can be a part of on August 8th 12pm EST!

If you are interested, sign up over here - you will have a chance to play with the developers as well as members of the community! The new maps from the dlc will be featured.

PS: There is no reputation minimum that you must have, the host just would like for you to be a teamplayer (no rambos or hackers!)

If you decide not to signup, please do check out the live stream :)!

Edit: We are Live!

Here are the giveaways for those who have donated to the event for Child's Play :)

Here's a video showing a little bit about the charity event and prizes:

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No tie, you sir are not up to the gold standard of dressed nicely :p

doing something you love for charity is admirable i hope they do well

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Dammit. Signed up for the Steam forums for the first time and can't post just yet. =/

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@buft: Hehe, that's not me! :)

@innacces14: if you post a msg to =THT= VyseM4H or comment on the announcement posting on Team Heist's steam group, I'm sure he'll add your name to the list. I'm not sure how they're going to accomodate all the people signing up, but I hope you guys get in somehow.

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@JCTango: Thanks a lot, man.

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@innacces14: Were you able to ask him to add you to the list? I couldn't find your name on the forum posting. If he somehow misses your message or something, I could ask him about it.

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@JCTango: Was finally able to post. Now to wait. *twiddles thumbs* Thanks again. haha

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We are Live!

Here are the giveaways for those who donated to the event for Child's Play:

24 hour Payday: The Heist live stream for Child's Play giveaways

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