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I wanted so badly to build one for $1200 but other things take precedence. Just wanted to ask some general advice on what parts I should use. I'm pretty set on using the Intel corei5 2500k but after that I'm at a bit of a loss. Also is $800 a good price to play current PC games at least on high settings and what should be the first upgrade I make to bring closer to my ideal build?

Thanks in advance.

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@mikey87144: I was on a budget and was able to build my PC for under 800 and it runs Sleeping Dogs/Far Cry on the highest settings. I built with expansion in mind (room for second video card or better one) and was really happy with the result. Of course, the parts I bought may be priced differently now, but you should still be able to get one around that price point (this is without a monitor of course). PM me if you want the list of specs I used.

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800$ to play everything today on high is plenty. I'm gonna leave it to other more knowledgeable people to suggest parts as i haven't kept up with hardware news much since building my last computer but my current 2 and a half year old computer was worth around 1300$ when i build it and still runs everything really well.

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Yes! 800 is the sweet spot, I spent a little over that and got an awesome system. Went for an i5 3570k, asus P8Z77-V motherboard and a gtx 660 ti. Was playing the Crysis 3 beta last night graphics set to highest (except AA) and got an awesome framerate 50-60 fps.

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