adding -3 to negative lod bias looks the same [NVIDIA]

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seems like forcing the negative LOD in nvidia inspector to a specific number looks the same as if u left it alone and only set it to "allow" in nvidia control panel

u have either option to only "allow" negative LOD bias........ and u can choose to set a specific number for it, max is -3.000, or just have the number part greyed out

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by the way, im new to giantbomb, nice to meet you all

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What exactly are you trying to show us here?

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negative lod bias allows you to have the textures have a higher resolution that what your display's resolution is able to capture, bringing a more crisp and higher quality image, instead of blurred out textures.

a clamped or positive lod for your textures means blurred out textures that are more than low-res enough for ur monitor's resolution to capture

clamping textures, instead of allowing negative LOD bias, is like having very awful texture filtering, and will blur out ur textures

allowing the negative lod makes textures have a higher res than what ur monitor's resolution can capture, keeping the textures high res and more detailed, instead of forcefully blurring them out like that clamping does

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Negative LOD bias will only have an effect in instances where the texture data has access to a higher resolution mipmap, if you're already at the limit of the asset you can't magically create additional texture map resolution. WoW is going to be a bad test case for forcing higher resolution maps, it's texture resolution is incredibly low.

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thanks, please inform me of a better program to test it on

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Is this what you're talking about? Wesley at Tested had written an article about downsampling, a process in which you are rendering games at higher resolutions and then scaling them down to your monitor's native size. It basically gives your screen tons of information to work with and fills in information better than something like anti-aliasing.

I'm trying to think of games that give you access to massive texture maps. Crysis 3 is probably good, but I'm not familiar with the game myself. Witcher 2 and Sleeping Dogs come to mind though.

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no, wtf LOL this has nothing to do with anti aliasing

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