Another question regarding mini-laptops

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So you may have seen my post a week ago about mini laptops or netbooks, and how all the ones i've seen really suck. So I was wondering about the whole remote desktop thing, and how this could factor. Supposedly, I could access my desktop from another computer (say, a netbook) and function as if it was that computer. Would this work if  I were to use my netbook to access my desktop, and so I could use my external hard drive or play WoW or something. Basically, could I use my netbook to use remote desktop to do something it would otherwise be incapable of?  
If so, any recommendations on a remote desktop service?  

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Erm, i don't recommend it? You'd have horrible performance issues...crappy framerate, lag...everything.
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You could remote view your desktop, but that'd be like using your PSP to operate your PS3.
You CAN do it, but why would you?
Also, the video would be choppy, and it would be further chopped by the fact that the integrated graphics that a netbook uses is just this side of terrible.
Get a netbook for a super portable internet browser and media device. This is what they excel at.

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Ah. Thanks guys. I was just hoping this kind of thing is possible. I can remotely control my pc form my freaking DS, I could only hope that a full blown computer could do it better. Oh well.

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