Anyway around Steam email verification code for multiple PCs?

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I use steam on two computers, my desktop and laptop. So when I want to download a game on my laptop after using steam on my desktop I have to go to my email, and copy/paste the code each time. Not a hassle really once in a while, but when I am using my laptop at school or at my gf's house it gets a bit annoying to deal with it on a near daily basis or sometimes several times a day.

Is there a way to download games via steam on multiple PCs without having to deal with the email code each time I log in?

I dont mean, download the game and go to offline mode, then use steam on the other computer which is all I found googling this.

I'd let them log my IP address even so that at least my home and gf'd IP would be allowed to access my account if Valve would do this. Or like netflix does with multiple devices.

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Can't you just copy your steam folder from the desktop to the laptop, or do you literally download a new game everyday?

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@MrOldboy: It will leave you unprotected, but just select "Disable Steam Guard" and you won't need to re-input the code each time you log in from a different computer.

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There's definitely something in the Steam directory that acts like a key. I copied my Steam folder directly from my old installation of Vista to my new installation of Win7 and I didn't have to do the email key thing (until I screwed something up and reinstalled Steam). Not sure what that file is though.

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Strange, it should've authorized all computers that you've verified with the email code so that you don't need to do it every time you log on.

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@iDarktread: what is the negative of not being "protected"? That another PC can access my account without having access to my email?

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@MrOldboy: If somebody figures out your Steam password and username, it will make it so they won't have to log onto your email and get a code to sign into your account on their computer.

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I assume you're talking about the Steam Guard verification code?

As iDarktread said, you have the option of just disabling Steam Guard entirely.

But otherwise, yeah, in theory, once your authorize a computer, it's supposed to remember that computer even if you sign into a different one. Here is Steam's support page on the topic; there's a section on "Why am I being asked to authenticate a new computer every time I log in on the same computer?", which sounds like more or less your issue:

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@BisonHero: Saw that steam page, not sure how it would help me. I dont have anything that deletes cookies. Hell I have the issue in any scenario, I used steam on a fresh install of bootcamp recently and had the issue.

What does steam log as it pertains to authorizing a computer?

I thought steam should authorize my PCs like netflix does, but never thought to ask. Before an annoyance, now frustration.

edit: turned steam guard off, fixed the issue, technically. But I'd rather it function as it should. I'll try the delete method in the faq I guess later and turn steam guard back on and see if it works.

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@MrOldboy: Yeah, judging by this section, each installation of Steam is supposed to keep track of whether it has been verified yet:

On Windows

  1. Restart Steam

  2. If the issue persists, exit Steam, rename your ClientRegistry.blob, and restart Steam. The ClientRegistry.blob can be found in your Steam installation directory. C:\Program Files\Steam by default.

  3. If the issue still persists, you may have issues with your local Steam files. You may refresh these files without deleting your game files. Please follow this process to refresh your Steam files:

    • Exit Steam

    • Navigate to your Steam installation directory. (C:\Program Files\Steam\ by default.)

    • Delete everything in that directory EXCEPT the following:

      • steam.exe

      • steamapps directory (All of Steam's game files are kept here.)

    • Restart Steam to test the issue

It sounds like your Steam client on each computer is supposed to store the fact that it's been Steam Guard verified somewhere in the ClientRegistry.blob, and may possibly reference other files in the Steam installation directory they give. So yeah, you can try those steps when you get a chance, but if it's still not working properly, it's probably best to just contact Steam support about it and see what they can do about it, since I don't think myself or many people on this forum are likely to be particular knowledgeable about how Steam authentication works.

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i have what amounts to 7 computers where i log into steam: firefox in linux and windows on my desktop and laptop (that makes 4), steam on my desktop and laptop (2 more, so 6), and my firefox on my work computer (7). i found that steam guard required me to authorize every now and then for something that should have already been authorized as far as i knew, so i turned it off.

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I have 2 computers too, and I just typed code in like 3 times for both computer and then it didn't ask me anymore for these 2 computers.

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