Audio Help, does 6670 support sound?

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Hey there,

I already have a 5.1 sound system hooked up to my PC via the analogue inputs, but was going to get a new receiver soon that I'd like to hook up to my PC. Currently, my setup is just 5 creative speakers that are meant for PC. I was wondering if anyone would know if the HDMI output on the Radeon 6670 supports audio and if this would work for a surround setup on a PC?

Has anyone done this yet? I see in my playback devices there is listed, "AMD HDMI Output" and was just wanting to know if this is easy to setup and worthwhile before I get the receiver? I also have a Coax connection on the back of my PC but I'm not sure if it works, it's labelled SPDIF...

Also thanks to anyone beforehand who can answer this. :)

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