Awesome PC deals on Amazon right now

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Just a brief overlook of some great deals on Amazon
Darkness 2: 12.50 
 Syndicate: 14.99 
 Spec Ops: The Line: 24.99 (You know, the game that came out Tuesday...) 
 Battlefield 3: 35.99 
Max Payne 3: 29.99  
These are just a few ofcourse
I was actually hoping to get some insight from people about these games. I just got a new PC and I'm ready to take advantage of these great deals Amazon and steam have. I was torn between Darkness 2 and Syndicate but now with Spec Ops it would be awesome to hear your guys opinions on them and what you would take out of the 3.  Anyway, I hope other people take advantage of this as well, enjoy!

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