Barkley Shut Up and Jam Gaiden 2 Coming

#1 Posted by LilithGamer (24 posts) -

I've backed this project and I think it's pretty neat. If you haven't played the first, it's a very, very odd freeware RPG where basketball is outlawed after Charles Barkley did a dunk called the Chaos Dunk and killed hundreds of people.

Since #1's free, it's definitely worth checking out. Who else is following this project closely?

You can find the kickstater project here:

#2 Posted by Nottle (1933 posts) -

@LilithGamer: I'm looking forward to it even though I didn't put in any money.

#3 Posted by LilithGamer (24 posts) -

You can play the first game for free :D

#4 Posted by Nottle (1933 posts) -

@LilithGamer: I did a few years ago. its great.

#5 Posted by LilithGamer (24 posts) -

Are there other indie games/developers you are following?

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