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I'm looking into setting up to play my PC games in the living room. My PC is in the office and I have HDMI running through ethernet into the television in the other room. I was wondering would would be the best solution for a gamepad in this situation. I've been looking at my wireless options, mainly a wireless 360 controller for PC and a wireless Logitech gamepad. It looks like I would have to get the controller/adapter bundle since the majority of wireless adapters sold for 360 controllers aren't genuine. The Logitech gamepad looked comparable and would likely have drivers to set up things such as using the triggers as buttons for older games. However, some reviews say that the wireless is unreliable, even from a couple feet away.

Any feedback and personal experiences will be appreciated. Also, if there's some sort of wireless USB dongle thing that I could use my existing wired 360 pad that exists, I'd love to know about it and if such a thing is any good.

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I bought the Microsoft controller/adapter bundle, and I've never had a single issue with it. Can't speak for the Logitech stuff, but a lot of games have the Microsoft specific controller stuff built in (you know, the greenA/redB/yellowY/blueX kind of deal).

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The 360 controller is almost a standard for PC games now.

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360 controller have to go wireless or wire extender for the wired controller

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Most PC games that have controller support automatically map to the 360 pad when you plug one in or push a button on it, complete with proper button prompts and everything, and there are little to no driver issues.

It is by all means the one to get. However, it's also worth noting that the Motioninjoy driver for PS3 controllers supports Bluetooth I think. I am not certain; what I am certain of, though, is that I don't like Motioninjoy at all. It's a fairly buggy and clunky piece of software. Still, it has a 360 controller emulator in it that makes games recognize it as a 360 controller and once it is actually set up right and working, it works.

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The 360 controller should be compatible with anything on the PC, but look into the OnLive Universal controller as well. It's a much better controller imo.

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360 Controller, if only for the instant plug and play support that most games have.

Also, according the the Amazon reviews the Xbox 360 Wireless receiver still works despite it being a third party knockoff. Just buy it and follow the instructions on how to set it up.

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360 controller. Most games are likely to support it.

If you are going to use Steam Big Picture Mode then go for the 360 controller as only that and a small hand full of game-pads are supported by BPM.

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Thanks for the feedback guys. Going to try the 360 wireless controller since the bundle is on sale at amazon. Also, thank you SathingtonWaltz for showing me the OnLive controller. It looks kind of cool.

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I'd say the 360 controller too. For older games and those rare one's that don't support it, I use JoyToKey and I've had no problem using the 360 controller, even the triggers. This link has good instructions for getting The Binding of Issac working with it. And for easy reference I keep this handy.  

Left Thumbstick Left = AxisX(<0)
Left Thumbstick Right = AxisX(>0)
Left Thumbstick Up = AxisY(<0)
Left Thumbstick Down = AxisY(>0)

Right Trigger = Axis3(<0)
Left Trigger = Axis3(>0)

Right Thumbstick Left = Axis4(<0)
Right Thumbstick Right = Axis4(>0)
Right Thumbstick Up = Axis5(<0)
Right Thumbstick Down = Axis5(>0)

Directional Pad Up = POV1:UP
Directional Pad Right = POV1:RIGHT
Directional Pad Down = POV1:DOWN
Directional Pad Left = POV1:LEFT

A = Button 1
B = Button 2
X = Button 3
Y = Button 4

Left Bumper = Button 5
Right Bumper = Button 6

Back = Button 7
Start = Button 8

Left Thumbstick = Button 9
Right Thumbstick = Button 10
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wireless 360 controller 
Logitech G13 or wireless keyboard
Logitech G700

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Wireless 360 controller + wireless adapter thingy.

Works great!

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I got a Razer Onza tournament edition for x-mas. Working great on the PC so far. I really like the adjustable sticks and the two extra buttons.

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