Best free software for capture game video/audio?

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I'm looking to capture a few of my Super Street Fighter IV (PC) and was wondering what the best way to do it would be. I'd like something without a watermark (i.e., no FRAPS), but if that's really my best option, I'll take it.

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Open Broadcaster's pretty good, although DirectX can fuck things up, sometimes.

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I prefer Bandicam because it plays nice with my hardware, FRAPS kills performance too much and the video files are HUGE. I have the full version, but the free one lets you record up to 10 minute clips which should be more than enough for a SF match, it does have a watermark though.

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Zero performance impact for full quality recording because it's at the driver level. No watermark. Has manual recording as well as ability to save last X minutes of gameplay.

Should be noted that Shadowplay is only supported with Kepler-based nVidia GPUs (GTX 650 and better/newer).

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