Best Mythological Games

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Today I started reading Aeschylus' 'The Oresteia', which if you don't know, is one of the ancient Greek plays from Aeschylus. I've been reading this, along with Euripides' 'The Bacchae', 'Medea', Sophocles' Three Theban Plays and Homer's 'Iliad' and 'The Odyssey'. As soon as I start reading them, thinking about Odysseus, Agamemnon, Zeus, Hades etc, I get a huge urge to play some games based on Greek mythology. I've always loved Greek mythology, but I don't know where to look or what to find when it comes to games based on it.

The games I've played so far:

  • Age of Mythology
  • God of War III (Haven't played any others, but I know I would love them)
  • Hercules (PS1)
  • Caesar III (Doesn't quite count but almost satisfies the urge)

I've also heard of Zeus: Master of Olympus, but that just seems like a re-skinning of Caesar III, but correct me if I'm wrong.

So all I ask is some recommendations on some games (preferably PC) that are based on or have heavy Greek influences.

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Titans Quest is really good.
Rock of Ages- Not exactly what your looking for but I think you'll enjoy it.
Kid Icurus I'm assuming though never played it might touch on some aspects.

Everything else I'm thinking of don't really seem like good games so I won't mention them.

Then there's this list,

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Black and White? Kind of?

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Rygar: The Legendary Adventure for the PS2 was pretty good. That version even had a Britney Spears-looking princess.

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MegaTen games draw a lot from many religions and myths. 

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