Best place for a pre-built gaming PC?

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Hi, I'm thinking about investing in a new gaming PC, for between £750-1250. I know that building one's own is the best way, but I have neither the time nor the patience for such a thing. So, I need some recommendations on where to order a pre-built PC with decent value for money. Alienware desktops look great, but I don't really know if they're all style over substance, help please!

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Alienware is generally considered way too expensive. But I don't live in the UK or buy pre-built desktops, so I'm not the one to recommend an alternative. Just saying.

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@Rokkaku: Alienware is the last place I'd tell someone to buy from. The price premium is absurd. There are plenty of places online that let you buy a pc, I'm just not sure which of them service the UK. You can check out

It should be easy to tell which ones really make you pay for the name. This is just a quick list. I trust you can take it from here, but don't be afraid to ask more questions if you need to.

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pc specialist if you live in the UK?

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Got my rig from (and have since upgraded it myself).

Good site, good forums, pleasant to deal with.

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Yeah I'd recommend too.

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Go to Fry's, pick out your parts, and have them assemble it for you.

Ewps, maybe I should read the the post first, I dunno what the Fry's equivalent would be for the U.K. or if there even is one.

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@OtakuGamer: I've used them before, it was almost a month before I saw the PC, and it came with it's fair share of problems, so I'm not sure I'd use them again =/

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I bought mine from an Ebay store prebuilt then called them and had them change some of the parts, the ebay seller is called millenium computers and i got a decent PC for £500

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The only prebuilt I bought (Media PC for the living room, I dont have small hands!) was from

Pretty good service and good follow up. Didn't have quite the mobo i wanted so got a free upgrade. I'd recommend them.

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