Big mistake.. big one broke off the plastic shield that

#1 Posted by Quemador (207 posts) -

cover the copper pins, on the hard drive. The pings are not broken,but the plastic came out and exposes the things... i can take pics if any one wants to help me

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#3 Posted by EquitasInvictus (2072 posts) -

The picture is a little blurry but I think I can still tell how crazy that is. So basically your connectors are all exposed....

I'm guessing a power/SATA cable won't fit where it should anymore?

#4 Posted by envane (1188 posts) -

the cables should sit there loosley but its gonna be one bump away from a bent pin? i dunno .. see if you can re attach the cover and then tape it up eheh

#5 Posted by Maajin (1149 posts) -

I like your Don Ramon avatar.

#6 Posted by Snail (8781 posts) -

If you manage to successfully plug a cable you should probably back up important stuff right away. That should be your primary concern, unless you think trying to plug in a cable might damage the pins. If that's still covered by warranty try sending it back, if not, well... buy a new one I guess? Unless you can find pieces that replace the ones that came off, but I can't help you there.

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Urgh what a nightmarish photo. I can tell you that all is not lost, as long as an identical bottom PCB to that HD model can be found.

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As above, get on ebay or similar sharpish and pick up an exact model of the drive. Connecting a sata to it is risky as it may lead to data damage, PCB swap is simple and requires only a torx screwdriver. If you care about your data dont piss about!

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@SomeJerk: @ultra2extreme: UMM thanks, at least there is something i can do, and the way it happen was so fucking stupid, i bought a new drive and was trying to put this one on an external hard drive case, force it in and then couldn't take it out and force it out with and BOOM... that guilt when you know, it was all your fault..

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@Quemador: You live and learn m8 wont cost you too much to fix so its not end of the world, in the future be more careful and always try to back up before messing with your drives.

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Backup... it's the number one rule. It makes these kind of situations a lot less scary,

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@Chrjz: I know, i know, but in this case is not that i lost data, my problem is that i wasted a 1T drive in perfect condition, i was trying to make a external drive with the thing...

@ultra2extreme: I know you said i can do an PCB swab, but im going to spend more money fixing this drive than buying a new external, and to be honest the whole thing sucks because what i wanted to do is kinda recycle my old drive and find a used for it instead of trowing in the garbage... but welp

But again thanks for the advice you two are cool Duders.

#13 Posted by Chrjz (394 posts) -

Glad to hear that there wasn't super important data on there or anything. Are you going to abandon it at this pont?

#14 Posted by Quemador (207 posts) -

@Chrjz: I dont know. do some research, try any fix that wont cost me more that 20 dollars... but better question is :

What would MacGyver do?

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