Bought a 7970ghz

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I've been working with a 5850 for the last few years, this week I started (and finished) Bioshock Infinite, this is the first game that's made me think I need to upgrade, it still looked great, but in the few moments where the shit was hitting the fan, my computer started getting awfully framey.

I had been thinking of getting one of the new R9 280x's but it turns out this card is pretty much the exact same as the old 7970ghz, most of them even running a bit slower, this kind of ticked me off, that combined with the fact that all the 7000 series cards are on massive sales starting this week and most of them still come with AMD's amazing game bundles I decided to get the older GPU.

Why am I posting this? 7000 series cards are on crazy sales this week, I got my 7970ghz for less than a base model 280x, I saw lower end Power Color 7950s going for $150 at NCIX earlier this week, quality xfx double D 7950 are going for $199, these are good sales, ibuypower was (maybe still is?) giving away 7990 for free (reg $699) with new systems making them easily cheaper than building your own, crazy stuff going on right now if you are looking for a new GPU.

Can't wait to set this puppy up tonight.

If you are looking for a new pc, this is a mental deal

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Yep, I'm in the wrong country too. I'm suitably jealous.

Regardless, enjoy your new system.

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7000 series is still a great buy, can't beat the price and overclockability.

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Yeah I noticed there's a sale too here in Canada! I might grab the 7850 for battlefield 4.

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A word of caution to anyone, avoid XFX at all costs.

That cooler cools nothing. Nothing at all. Infact, it makes EVERYTHING else hot too.

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