Building a Gaming PC, help

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If I go with the FX 6350, I can get a better video card such as the AMD 7950 but if I go for the Intel Core i5-4670k, I will have to comprise the video card to the GTX 660. It is likely that if I was to go for the latter, I would upgrade the 660 to something like the 770 in a few months’ time.

This is mainly for gaming purposes than video editing, photo editing etc.

I'm just trying to get as many opinions as I keep hearing the AMD CPUs isn't all that good and it will bottleneck high-end GPUs etc.


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You heard right. Intel builds tend to have longer legs for upgrading the GPU.

My ancient dual core i5 still pushes hard on a GTX770. Yeah I overclocked it to 4.2ghz, but the point stands.

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@otakugamer: I think your choice of the Intel build is your best bet.

Also, I like your Eru-Erufu user pic. :)

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@otakugamer: The new Nvidia 760 is supposed to be released on June 25th (this coming Tuesday) for $240 - $299, should be at around 7950 and 670 levels of performance, maybe a bit more. A happy compromise?

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