Building a pc with a dell dimension c521

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I have been trying to research on what to buy for this computer but I'm getting no luck. So If someone would be kind enought to help I would appreciate it greatly....consoles aren't doing much for me anymore.

Specs are:

Processor speed2000.0 MHz
Processor typeAthlon 64 3500+
Memory size1024.0 MB
Monitor model numberDell E177FP
Display typeLCD
Display size17.0 inches
Video BusPCI Express
Primary Graphics ChipsetATI Radeon X1300
Video Memory TypeDDR
Other storageFive-in-one media-card reader
Raid typenone
Drive size160.0 GB
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You mean you have that PC already and you're trying to upgrade it? Honestly you'd have to replace just about everything to get playable settings on modern games. That includes the case, because a lot of pre-built PCs (including that Dell) have "slimline" cases that won't fit larger, high-end video cards.

Check Geno's sticky for some advice on hardware to pick.

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Honestly its that old there is no upgrade path since the tech is older than both curent gen consoles.

It is time to start from scratch.

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Its also a BTX mounted system which reversed where the motherboard outputs are. In laymans terms if you were to put a new motherboard in the connectors would all be facing the front of the box so unless you wanted to also cut the front off the box you couldn't access them to plug anything in. (Mouse, keyboard, sound etc)

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