Building my first gaming PC (part 2) (some big boring photos .. be a warned)

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So I picked up the parts, and frantically put the system together on the same evening. Not a small task for someone who hasn’t done this in a long time. I was pumped. Well, I followed the video step-by-step and everything worked out well for most of the build. I actually planned to take a picture of every step of the build, but along the way I forgot that. Here we go.

I started of with preparing the closed-loop cooler. By far the most complicated part of the build. Alone the number of screws used for this contraption matched the number of screws for everything else together.
I removed the tray for the optical disc drive, the upper drive bay and the original 120mm front fan and replaced it with a BitFenix 230mm fan. It actually came with a few rubber rivets, but I had no idea how to use them. The place for the PSU is quite small, I had to bend the cables quite a bit.

The motherboard with CPU, RAM, the sound-card-thingy (bottom left) and the WiFi-thingy (MOCIE COMBO II). Fitting the motherboard together with the I/O-shield into the case was quite troublesome, I had (to some extend) press the motherboard into position, which felt wrong, though probably the spongy I/O-shield got deformed and not the board.
This is essentially the part where I forgot to take pictures. Mainly because fitting the cooler at the top was quite stressful. You have to bend the tubing quite a bit to fit it to the very close board. The screws you put into the fitting of the cooler felt kinda loose, and you really have to angle the whole thing in there by feel. However I felt the Corsair construction was easier to deal with than the one in the Attaching the video card and the cables was no big deal. You can see the system running... well booting.

Moments after taking the last picture, during windows installation, the PC died with a lpound "BANG" and some smoke while I was out of the room to prepare its future spot. I freaked myself and a bunch of people here out, by speculating about the cause of this. The guy from the store where I bought by last PC said it was probably the PSU. I got it replaced under warranty, build it in (without doing anything different) and now the system works like a charm. I am a happy camper, though I hoped the liquid cooling would make the system run quieter. This is not really the case, its rather loud actually. Maybe I can omit the rear "exhaust fan", though the CPU cooler fans are pushing air out which is not optimal.

I actually bought Battlefield 4 - which I can run on ULTRA (on the 1080p TV) now (add me if you want to play). Batman: Arkham Origins came with the video card and looks great but has some weird hiccups. Without surprise I CAN NOT max out Total War: Rome II.

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Good to see that you fixed the problem!

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Looks pretty dope dude, I'm actually jealous of that case since I have a giant one that I could fit probably four of those into.

I don't remember this from your other topic, but are your video drivers current? That's one thing a lot of first time PC builders neglect, and there can be drastic differences between versions especially with newer titles. Looking great! Also - I have the same solar keyboard and it has been the best one I've ever owned. Good choice.

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Very nice, you basically have the same build as I do except that I didn't go with a mATX board since my rig is bigger, I went with air instead of water cooling, and I have a 770 instead of a 780 (I'm waiting for the 800 series to get the higher end card)

Oh and


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D'aw it's so cute. And yeah ROME II is a bitch. One day I wish to make it mine.

(It's weird too as Shogun ran great. Well, comparatively anyway).

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@colourful_hippie: It is actually Mini-ITX. So even smaller than mATX. Just recently Bitfenix released a mATX-version of the Prodigy though.

@mb: Yeah, I am using the GeForce Experience to update the drivers. I did not go for the beta ones though. Total War is often the most taxing title for PCs. In a way it is the last true PC game.

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