Buying a new PC, I could use your advice!

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I'd like a future proof PC(well, a few years at least) but decided I'm just buying a pre-built one from a pc hardware site.

Would it be better buying this:

Or spending an extra $250 for this?

Oh, remember those are Australian prices and yes, they cost a lot. It's not a super inflated price. So, is it worth chucking the new money in or would the first be fine until I check a new card in it down the track?

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For a few years, I'd go with the second one (with the 770) rather than the first. However, as everyone who replies will tell you, it would be cheaper to buy all those parts yourself and put them together. At least I think it would be - I don't know anything about the market in Australia. I have a 660 ti (which benchmarks fairly close to the 760) and I'm not comfortable with it keeping up over the next two years. If those are you options, go for the second one.

And for what it's worth, NVIDIA is set to drop prices on those graphics cards (again, in the US) tomorrow. Watch for price drops.

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Also chiming in to say the same thing as everyone will tell you: build a PC instead. It's fun and cheaper to do so. If you can build a Lego set, then you can build a PC (so easy to now than ever before).

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I'll tell you what a lot of other people are probably going to tell you. Build it yourself. It isn't hard and you'll save yourself some money to use on better components. If I had to choose I would choose option 2 but you could probably build option 2 for about $1300 US.

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Yeah I would say build it yourself also. And you can choose from AMD cards which are really good for the money. The issue I see with the build they have there is it seems like you are getting ripped off by that motherboard on the 760 build, I would expect it to be a Z87 motherboard to let you overclock, otherwise I dont see why they use an aftermarket cooler to add to the price. Also, it lists only 1 PCI Express slot, though I would think it has more by the picture. But if you weren't building your own, and had to buy one of these, I would buy the first with the 760 if there are additional PCI-Express slots to add a second 760 card a year or two from now to get a lot of performance out of it, but from what I see, you are better off building it. Not gonna stop saying it!

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You're approaching the steep part of the marginal cost curve with that gear, meaning each additional dollar you put into upgrades gives you an increasingly smaller performance boost.

In my opinion, you'll be better off saving the $250 and buying a new graphics card in 2-3 years (giving you 1-2 years extra mileage out of your rig) rather than getting the incremental performance boost right now. Assuming graphics cards continue to be the performance bottleneck in games, you'll get a boost back to playable high-settings fps when you upgrade your card a couple graphics card generations from now. By then, the difference between a 770 and a 760 will have diminished.

Edit: but if spending the money now doesn't affect your upgrade budget in the future, going from a 760 to a 770 _is_ a pretty good upgrade and is (barely) worth the extra money.

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Don't bother with the first build - the GTX 760 is going to get outclassed quickly once the new consoles come out.

I'm hesitant on suggesting the second build also. The 2GB VRAM is going to become a bottleneck within a year or so. Check to see if you can upgrade to the 4GB version.

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Get the one with the most motherboards and rams.

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