Buying a new video card

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Hey guys, I was looking at a new vid card with the upcoming release of Far Cry 3. I'm not really even sure of what I'm looking for so I was hoping someone could help me pick out a card. Right now I have

  • Radeon 6670
  • 12 gigs of ram
  • Core i7 @3.4 ghz

Any suggestions on upgrades would be much appreciated.

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What is your budget?

GTX660, or 670 would be your best bets.

#3 Posted by Funkydupe (3465 posts) -

7970 DirectCU II.

#4 Posted by WasabiCurry (430 posts) -

Honestly, those two guys above me just stated some nice video cards~

But again, a budget of what you are looking for would be nice. May I suggest something absurd and get an EVGA GeForce GTX 690 4GB? X3

Of course, I am only playing around for the moment~

#5 Posted by GenghisJohn (297 posts) -

Thanks very much for the replies, sorry about not putting a budget. I suppose I have maybe $300 to spend on a card? Definitly under $300

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#7 Posted by Funkydupe (3465 posts) -

@pandorasbox: Supported for the specified budget.

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@GenghisJohn: You could take a look at that article.

#9 Posted by Colourful_Hippie (5109 posts) -

I would suggest 660 ti or 670. I'm more for Nvidia because they have better driver support.

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