Buying new laptop - Need advice on multi-station set up

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So I'm buying this laptop, an MSI GT70 with a GTX 675M, and I'm fully aware that a desktop would be better for what I want to do but...things and I'm getting this laptop. And any advice, please, on how best to do a thing would be appreciated.

Here's what I want to do:

Split it into two duplicate workstations (with two monitors each) so that I can seamlessly switch from a sitting station to a standing station without having to fiddle around with moving any actual thing (but myself).

I'm thinking something along the lines of sending the output to two monitors, and splitting each output so that there are actually four monitors - two at the standing station, two at the sitting station. There'd also have to be two external keyboards and mice that worked simultaneously...but I don't see that as being a problem.

Ideally the laptop would be one of the four monitors, so I'd duplicate the main screen to another monitor, add a second screen and split that second screen output to two monitors. I'm a two monitor guy, so I need two screens at a station, and two duplicate stations. Being able to black out one station or another might be convenient, but that's not the priority.

It may make sense to not use the laptop screen at all....don't know. It may make sense to use a universal docking station but...that seems like a lot of noise between the laptop and the monitors (not that I know much about it). I have to guess they make a switch that you can output to, that would allow you to turn a knob or something to control whether the feed is going to both stations or just one station or the other.

Hopefully that makes sense: the idea is to be able to switch from sitting to standing whenever, without moving anything but my butt around. I'm sure some wizard here knows how to do this, and what to get for it! Thanks in advance for any input.

Why? What's wrong with me? I get restless when I sit too long, and I've tried a standing desk for two months now and some days it just straight up sucks balls. Most days. Okay, every day by late afternoon if not earlier. Or I'm lying about that and I really want to try co-op gaming where one person controls look and movement while another controls shooting and actions.

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