Can I do anything about this?

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I bought Aliens Colonial Marines (I know! I know!) during the December sales. I didn't get around to trying it until last month. By trying it I mean trying to play it. It simply does NOT work. It loads up the logo screen and instantly crashes. Then as a seperate issue it seems most are having trouble with anyway it constantly relaunches itself on close. I asked about it in the Steam forum and tried what the person there suggested, however it all failed.

Following this I posted on the Gearbox forum with one of many crash dumps trying to get help there, they are the dev after all. I was told to go to Sega. Also sent a crash dump there. They confirmed I could run it, that it was a Steam copy and then ran me over the exact same things the person in the Steam forum suggested. They still didn't work. At this point I was told there must be something on my PC incompatible with this game. This specific game. Though all my other Sega games work, all my other Gearbox games work, all my other UT3 engine games work...well all my other games work period. So whatever it is apparently specifically targets Aliens Colonial Marines.

It's been nearly a month with no follow up and the last thing I got was "After researching this further for you on our end, we are still out of options as far as trouble shooting goes. I will continue to look into this for you, and will update you if any other options arise. Thank you for your patience.". I asked what it is they do when troubleshooting doesn't work and haven't gotten a response since. It appears exactly zero craps are given in trying to further resolve this.

It's far too late to get my money back and it wasn't purchased through Steam though is of course the Steam version. Is there anything I can legally do? Other than adding them both to the scumbag list with Sony, thus never buying anything from either of them again and adding yet another negative review to Steam, which at this point is like throwing a piece of gum over a garbage yard fence. I know filing a complaint with the BBB doesn't do much of anything either. Not that it was a lot of money but for an industry constantly complaining of piracy the principal of a legit customer being screwed over just doesn't stand with me.

One of the first PC games I bought was The Longest Journey in 2006 as I was playing through Dreamfall on Xbox and decided I better go play the first game. I had a game breaking glitch in that, reported it in their forums and even though it was SEVEN years after game release they patched it. I can't seem to get proper support for this thing that's barely a year old.

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What kind of PC hardware do you have?

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With one specific game that was crashing my PC to a black screen every time I started it up, I ended up having to update my motherboard bios. It's just something I had to figure out on my own through trial and error.

You should try making sure everything is up to date, including all firmware and drivers if you're comfortable doing that stuff. Then go from there.

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@penderton: check to make sure your Direct X, Graphics Card Drivers and Motherboard BIOS are up to date. If possible give us more info on your system

I'll still try to get your money back too, print out proof of your support issue and how long they drug out and hopefully that should help with the retailer you bought it from.

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if support doesnt want to help you with a refund, you could maybe involve the better business bureau if you are absolutely out of options and need a last resort. no guarantees but worth a shot. always make sure that they know you are considering going to the bbb first before actually doing it. companies tend to get more helpful once you start dropping that name.

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You need to let us know what your PC specs are like JJwetherman asked, cannot help you very much unless we know whats in your machine hardware wise.

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Game was terrible, your PC is doing you a favor.

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Everything is up to date. It's a HD 5870, 6 gigs of RAM and i7 920 ~2.7 GHz. They said it wasn't a hardware issue. For the record I've already tried reinstalling, verifying the cache, setting it to run in windowed mode, running the specific program as admin and 3-6 other things I can't remember.

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Ya, I remember @rorie posted a video of him having this issue on youtube. You could ask him if he found a way to fix it (if I recall he played it on the charity stream recently, but he may have ran it on a different PC so I don't know).

Unfortunately, I have no answers for you other than that. I remember when I got Red Faction Guerilla on my other computer it would just freeze the character in place so while the game ran it was unplayable from the start. I also recently tried booting up the first Overlord (on this new computer) and that game just crashes my computer to black screen after 5 minutes (on high detailed settings) or an hour on low settings. There is no solution to it on the internet anywhere.

Unfortunately I have come to accept that this may happen, and I do get some weird enjoyment out of trying to find out what the problem is (even though I almost always fail to find an answer), but ya. It sucks.

If nothing else you could complain a lot to whoever you bought it from and they may give you your money back. Mean customers who demand their money back often get it just because no one wants to deal with it. I mean, it's not like you didn't try to fix it. You can send them everything you did. I assume you have ways to prove that (although I suspect it wouldn't come to that).

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Still no word from Sega since about April despite another request last week for them to actually do something so I added to the thousands of bad reviews on Steam and tried getting my money back. To my suprise it was a success.

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Rorie was having a problem, something anyways like that lately, for that charity thing he was doing. I think the game (Colonial Marines) had grabbed him with both arms and teeth and would not let him quit out to desk top.

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I knew they'd give you your money back if you asked for it.

That's good, though, that you did that. Games not working is unacceptable and it sucked back (really only a short time ago) when steam wouldn't give you your money back, but if the game doesn't work it doesn't work. You shouldn't have to pay for it. =)

@bybeach: haha ya I mentioned that like a month ago when this OP was originally posted.

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I knew they'd give you your money back if you asked for it.

That's good, though, that you did that. Games not working is unacceptable and it sucked back (really only a short time ago) when steam wouldn't give you your money back, but if the game doesn't work it doesn't work. You shouldn't have to pay for it. =)

@bybeach: haha ya I mentioned that like a month ago when this OP was originally posted.

So you did! I should have seen your post, I would have noted it. It was pretty funny though, colonial marines didn't seem to want Rorie to go. Which of course was screwing with him just a tad for his presentation. I cannot believe some sort of triple A game would be pulling that shit these days. Have to quit and restart.

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@bybeach: Ya, it's ridiculous. What's strangest to me when it comes to Colonial Marines is I didn't hear any complaints about it not running when it was released. I only read complaints that it didn't look like when it was demoed. So, it was kind of surprising to see 2 complaints about issues with the game not loading correctly and basically being stuck in a crash loop- around the same time.

So, ya. Anyone randomly searching the internet. Do not buy this game, I guess. I doubt that issue will ever be fixed (Rockstar breaking Manhunt on Steam was never fixed, so I doubt this will be).

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I PM'd Rorie about it after it was first mentioned here. He could get it going at least but also had that crash and restart on exit problem (as it seems many do, that one is all over the Steam forums). Mine didn't start at all, crashed at the opening logo which doesn't seem to be a common problem.

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@penderton: I know your pain, I had a similar issue with Wolfenstein the New Order where something about my pc simply made it impossible to run.

It's a very frustrating feeling being powerless to do anything about a product you've purchased that simply refuses work. It's like buying juice and no matter how hard you try you simply can't get it to open - it's sitting right there but you can't enjoy it.

To this day there is no patch for the game, and the thousands of people that have the same issue as I do can't play it. I ended up downloading some (probably illegal) fix from the internet that allowed me to finally run it. Whats worse is that this is actually a very good game - so it's a shame whenever I think of Wolfenstein I get this pavlovian reflex of wincing because of all the stress I had to go through to get it running. It also made me lose a bit of trust/respect for Machinehead Games when it comes to PC releases.

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