Can you mod XCOM Enemy Unknown?

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Hello. I was wondering if you can mod xcom enemy unknown.

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Probably. I don't know how, but I imagine it's possible.

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Highly doubt it, 2K doesn't allow mod tools.

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Not extensively. Firaxis intentionally made it hard to mod by putting all the .ini files and such inside the EXE. Possibly just a quick and easy way to prevent multiplayer cheating. Even so, it's very disappointing that they did this.

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Highly doubt it, 2K doesn't allow mod tools.

Civ 5 has alot of mods .

The quicklook ex said no mods at launch but they would look at adding mod support later on.
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The lead designer Jake Solomon has said they will indeed eventually support mods. They indicated months before release that they wouldn't have modding really available at release, but they have plans on supporting modding in the long term.

He told PC Gamer: “The idea is that there is the ability for modability. It won’t be anything that we’re committing to for release, but it’s very very easy using Unreal titles. I write almost all my game code in the scripts, and that’s very easy to give to people.”

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There's only one ini file embedded in the exe and people have figured out how to hack into that and fix it. There's details on the forums at and a few sample mods already. They didn't leave a lot of hooks in for customization but there are tweaks that can be made to a lot of the numbers behind combat and the economy and a few minor gameplay things and partially implemented features like "Second Wave" which exposes some settings to new games after you beat it once.

It's built on Unreal Engine, so there's hope that some of the models and maps can be modded later for supporting other things down the road.

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