Capture card with 0 Lag on Preview so u can play console on PC

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Does any one know a Capture card (or even just any thing really that lets me display the signels from some consoles on my PC screen live) i cant send the signal thru the monitor because the monitors are in eyefinity 90deg rotated mode

HDMI / component / composite etc... live on PC in a windows with 0 lag or as little as is possible im talking like 8ms etc.. (my monitors already have 28ms lag so not much more

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seems like most of them popular PVR DVR boxes or cards have like 10secs of lag lol.... so ya im sure theres one that can show a preview live with recording mabye turned off? etc.

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That's not really the intention of those things, I don't know what to tell you. Just use one monitor and plug in directly.

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Not sure there is such a thing. My Hauppauge has like a 3 second delay.

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Why not use a DVI/HDMI switch? Works great for me.

Eh.. nvm. Missed the part about the rotated displays...

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ithink they do exist people on the adobe forums say the Black magic intensity Pro seems like it might be able to do it.. but they experience lag from the adboe software.... i think its more the higher end / thunderbolt / PCI cards that dont have the lag.. the lag i think is due to the USB 2.0 interface lots of the ones the youtube crowd use and they also have time limits of the leanth of recording right? hence the lag.. i dont mind if i have to pay abit more.

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Short of passing through something like s-video (Don't) there aren't really any options. The issue isn't the interface but rather the hardware encoding and stuff like that. Maybe if you could find a capture kit that passed an HD signal and didn't have hardware encoding ont he capture kit itself, you could get it to go relatively lag-free, but any encoding on the box/card is going to introduce major lag.

EDIT: Or spending way too much cash but there's a reason I'm not bothering to go there. That's a lot of money to spend when it seems like you could just rotate your display down and go straight in.

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i dont see why the digital signels should have any lag.. honestly i think thous capture cards that have the lag are just badly made. and have poor software. whats the reason they cant show a preview thats before encode? thats just data.

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I use this capture device Avertv HD DVR High Definition / Analog Video Capture Card PCIe MTVHDDVRR

I experience no lag at 720p while playing my console games through it, i use the software that comes with avertv stuff. I also record a fair bit of video and post it on my youtube channel. But the real issue is how good your computer hardware is because if you don't have a good CPU to encode on the fly then you will definitely experience frame rate issues and latency.

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@Heath said:

i dont see why the digital signels should have any lag.. honestly i think thous capture cards that have the lag are just badly made. and have poor software. whats the reason they cant show a preview thats before encode? thats just data.

If it really was "just data", you might as well plug it straight into your monitor. You said yourself that the monitor was rotated, which requires some sort of transformation, or encoding if you want the video to display properly.

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hmm thanks for saying good things about the Avertv ... after some consideration i think if Sony patch good Remote play suport in for Grand Trismo 5 .. i will only need a capture device that can dispaly a VGA signal with 0 lag... but its nice that that Avertv is a option for others.. i remember seing a VGA only capture device a while ago.. if any one knows any thing about a good cheap VGA only capture device that could be a good way for me to save some money (i only have 1 game for PS3 and thats GT5 and acording to a recent sony anouncment and the rate that PD update the game.. i should be fine playing ps3 games (at least sony pubilished ones on vita) and not my big screen)

oh and i found a old tube TV for the Wii so thats ok.. leaving only the old xbox360 with its VGA cable.. hmm

WTB VGA capture/display card at low low price/lag

on and just some clarification the reason i have this odd request is that i have a monitor set up of 3x 1920x1200 monitors in portrate mode and unfortunatly if i use the monitors other inputs i would have to tilt my own head to play :( .. to hope is that i can play 360 games in 1280x720 on one of the screens in a window that would be 1200x720 taking up only 1/9th of my screen space of 3600x1920 (picture in picture so to speak but not using the monitors connectors) while doing some thing els on the PC/./// mmo/timewaste/snipe etc.

so i guess my options are Avertv or look for a VGA only type device with 0 lag hmm..

i have abit to time to find this.. prob need it most around borderlands 2 time... so if any one has any ideas in the future feel free to add..


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