Co-op games?

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hey dudes!

Its possible another thread around here but I been looking.

I was just wondering about recomendations for co op games, me and a buddy has been playing splinter cell conviction and Left 4 dead 2 and its all been fun and games but now we wanna expand with new games. So your recommendations?

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Are you looking for an online of split-screen experience?

For split-screen play I'd recommend both Trine games. The games support up to 3 players in co-op mode, but it's much more fun when two players are able to switch between the three characters. What I've been playing online with my friends lately is Renegade Ops. The mayhem of the game really benefits from having a few buddies playing at the same time.

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Left 4 Dead is an obvious great co-op game.

supports both online and local split screen play too.

Portal another good co-op experience.

If your willing to go back abit, System Shock 2 could be played co-op with the patch installed and if you can find it, install the tecture and mesh packs too which make the game look much prettier.

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Are the deadly alliance games co-op? specifically the new one.

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Oh, and obviously Borderlands!

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Battlefield 3 also has some co-op missions

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Most RTS games can be played Co-OP too

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Saints Row 3

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For split screen:

Rayman Origins

Twisted Metal (if you have a ps3)

Army of 2 (either one)

Kane & Lynch 2


Those are some games that me and my friend had/ having fun playing coop with.

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Dungeon Defenders is pretty cool in co-op! it even has 4 player split screen options on PC!

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Why are people using the term "split screen" for same-screen couch co-op games? Trine doesnt have a split screen, it has both players on the same screen. 
Anyway, for same-PC couch co-op, these were very entertaining for me and my cousin:  

For two PCs on LAN or online: 
The only split-screen co-op I've ever played was Kane & Lynch: Dead Men and... while it wasn't great, it wasn't too bad. 
>>> Use for all your co-operative info pleasure.
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@Schlookum: Besides those listed above, I would recommend trying out Marvel Ultimate Alliance. It's somewhat old, but it's still pretty dang fun, especially if you add in some mods/custom heroes.

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@AhmadMetallic said:

Why are people using the term "split screen" for same-screen couch co-op games? Trine doesnt have a split screen, it has both players on the same screen.
Use for all your co-operative info pleasure.

Quoted for truth. Anyway, a couple of suggestions:

Online Co-op

Borderlands, Alien Swarm, Hoard, Magicka, Portal 2, Beat Hazzard: Ultra.

Local Co-op

Jamestown, Tobe's Vertical Adventure, Trine.

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thanks dudes, I forgot to mention that the only system I play games on is the Pc so while I am sure the Ps3 and 360 games are great, it aint for me.

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Baldur's Gate! You won't be searching for new games for quite some time ;)

And do play Portal 2. It's great.

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@VoleMaulder said:

Baldur's Gate! You won't be searching for new games for quite some time ;)

wait what? BG had co-op options? via LAN or online too?

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@DeF said:

@VoleMaulder said:

via LAN or online too?

LAN and dial up. I never thought the coop was very good; the game wasn't very suited for it. If both players have pause capabilities, you end up pausing and unpausing the game over each other way too often. If only one player has pause capabilities, the other player gets frustrated.

I'd suggest NWN over Baldur's Gate for coop.

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Synergy Mod for Half life 2 (and ep1 and ep2) gives plenty of coop fun.

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Baldur's Gate 1 and 2 can still be played co-op online. If you are determined to do so I would suggest following the mod guides in the GOG forum (either Tutu for the 1st game and then move on to the 2nd, or the mod that makes the two games one, provided you want to start from the beginning) and do it through Gameranger. It's the only thing that worked for me. With a bit of coordination and planning before you start it can be done. Especially if it's only two people playing. NWN never managed to hold my attention for long.

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