Come play PC games with us!

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My friend and I started a small group and we are hoping to make a few more friends. We have a causal Team speak channel and we play BF3, Arma, and Minecraft. If you are interested in joining a group of friends add me on steam user: GuttlessCashew and make sure you have a mic.

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How serious are you guys about ArmA? And exactly what version are we talking about? Combined Ops?

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I'm going to add you (suburban_commando), but I still have to get a mic. Just have ARMA out of the games you listed but I'm thinking about getting BF 3 now that Planet Side 2 proved to be probably not for me.

Just getting back into PC gaming though and I'm pretty lonely as far as multi goes. Yeah I'm sad.

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Awwww shiiiiiiiiit. TURFWAR. You guys are going down!

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@MordeaniisChaos: We play as seriously as the mission requires but occasionally someone might run someone over in a bike if it is the right time. Also we play everything that Arma 2 has available.

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@Rolyatkcinmai: lol uhh.. no thank you.

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I'm not really sure what's going on did I instigate a rumble?

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So I'm guessing this will just become troll thread then. Gaming hub thing looks nice but that isn't what we are looking for we just came out of a big community and have no interest in anything past like 15 close friends.

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@GuttlessCashew said:

@Rolyatkcinmai: lol uhh.. no thank you.

Whatsup? Just saw this thread in my inbox.

This looks great. I'd love to join.

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Ok if you are interested in playing games with us pm me if you are here to get us to join your group, we aren't interested, if you are here to troll then just keep on doing what makes you happy. That's as clear as I can make it.

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@GuttlessCashew: Do you use Ace?

How familiar with tactics are you guys? I'm okay with playing on the lighter side, but I just want to know if I can expect to be playing with people who know their formations, how to set up security, firing maneuvers: the basic fireteam stuff. And if you fella's have any sort of organization when you play (IE someone in charge). Not opposed to playing with folks that don't take it that seriously, I just don't want to be the dick yelling at a guy for something when you guys don't give a damn about that stuff.

Also, there are no requirements, obligations, or down sides to joining the PC gaming group on steam. Just makes it a touch easier to find the last guy you need if someone drops out. Avoiding it's a bit silly. You don't have to play with them, and it couldn't hurt to join the group. It's not a clan, it's totally open and it can be handy, as I said. No need to get so defensive duder, folks are just trying to get you into our (awesome) crowd of people. You kind of come off as hostile towards the idea, and that's a bit disappointing.

Obviously, it's up to you and I understand the desire for something a little more private. But it wouldn't hurt, I promise! Especially if Steam Groups ever get to the point of actually being useful to organize people in any thing other than a well advertised and pre-planned event. lol.

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