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#51 Posted by AhmadMetallic (19303 posts) -
@SlasherMan said:

Seriously, this is quite an amazing effort! Well done, Ahmad (and everyone else involved)!

@Jeust said:

Nice initiative :) Good luck!

Thank you! Surely there's at least one of those games you guys would like to play with other giantbombers? 
@Resident4t:  @DocHaus :   Added to the requested games!  I need your Steam and Gamespy IDs DocHaus.
@RTSlord said:

im totally interested participating in civ 5

What can you tell me about that game, if you have any experience? How to get a game started? How many participants? etc.. 

@Bolt said:

Brilliant Idea! Personally I feel that all the sub giant bomb steam group's should just be deleted from existence, and one central one created. With the event's thing announcements could go up on a weekly basis for the game nights ect. Plus it would make it a lot less segregated and you could reach everyone that play's PC games, and not have to go into the individual groups to do it.

My thoughts exactly. 
@Bolt  said: 

I also forgot to add, my friend and I also own 2 killing floor servers.

Very interesting, I'll look into adding Killing Floor if it gets enough votes. 
@rebgav said:

Would be cool if there was a GB group for Tribes: Ascend. Just sayin'.

I'm loving Ascend, but it's still in beta and only does matchmaking so...
#52 Posted by No0b0rAmA (1511 posts) -

I would like to vote for Killing Floor!

#53 Posted by Bolt (173 posts) -

@No0b0rAmA said:

I would like to vote for Killing Floor!

Very nice! lol

Just let me know, I'm sure we could work in a server name change perhaps as well.

Magicka!, omg I got that then all my friends quit playing. I have only made it to chapter 8 thus far. Damn hard game

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I'm interested in looking for people to play with for Borderlands, Saints Row: The Third, Trine 2, Dungeon Defenders, E.Y.E., Portal 2, or L4D2. SteamID is TheOutshined

@InfamousBIG: I'm looking for a Saints Row co-op partner as well, I'll send you a friend request on steam.

@Alaska_Gamer: @IkariNoTekken: Sending friend requests on steam

#55 Posted by ArclightBorealis (1722 posts) -

Figured I'll add, my steam ID is the same as my user name here.

I'd be interested in playing other co-op games like E.Y.E. and Borderlands (although the latter I need to set up a Gamespy account or whatever to access the online), along with Saints Row the Third, Magicka, Alien Swarm and Portal 2.

#56 Posted by Jeust (11563 posts) -

@AhmadMetallic: I would like to play with other bombers, but I have little to play online. My SWTOR didn't arrive, so I'm left to Frozen Synapse or League of Legends, although I have no experience with any of the games. :\

#57 Posted by EightBitShik (1449 posts) -

@IkariNoTekken: I sent you an invite on steam for some Magika and Portal 2 action whenever you want.

@AhmadMetallic: Don't forget to add me for Starcraft 2 and Portal 2 and thanks for setting this up hope it stays active I'd rather play games with Duders then strangers.

#58 Posted by scarace360 (4813 posts) -

Anyone wanna play some street fighter?

#59 Posted by The_Laughing_Man (13807 posts) -

I shall come to the Mumble server tomorrow if 3 people quote me in the next 10 hours!

Any one here play "Nuclear dawn"?

#60 Posted by ArbitraryWater (12885 posts) -

If you guys ever get League of Legends running, I'd be down. I'd like to play that game with people who aren't complete assholes for once.

#61 Posted by Atlas (2567 posts) -

@The_Laughing_Man said:

Any one here play "Nuclear dawn"?

I own Nuclear Dawn but haven't played it yet. Would love to jump in with some GB duders.

@AhmadMetallic said:

@Atlas said:

I'd really like to find some EU co-op buddies for Dungeons Defenders and Trine - that's the first Trine, not Trine 2 - and maybe some L4D 2 dudes as well.

I'll add Dungeon Defenders, what's it about, how many players and what service does it require? I'll keep Trine 1 off the list for now, and I added you to L4D2

Dungeon Defenders is Steam, XBLA and PSN, and it's basically 4-player co-op tower defence. I have it on Steam and am preferably looking for EU GB duders.

#62 Posted by psoplayer (275 posts) -

@ArbitraryWater said:

If you guys ever get League of Legends running, I'd be down. I'd like to play that game with people who aren't complete assholes for once.

So far I've had a really good time playing with the fine folk of /r/leagueoflegends via their in-game chat room and mumble server described on the sidebar of their site. Hopfully we can cultivate a similar experience with the community here.

@The_Laughing_Man said:

I shall come to the Mumble server tomorrow if 3 people quote me in the next 10 hours!

I'll be there!

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SteamID: http://steamcommunity.com/id/wunder_/home

GFWLID: Balthaser

I mainly play SSF4AE and SC2, but have many other games!!1

EDIT: Oh and League of Legends, but I'm in Singapore right now and they have their own private server which means normal LoL is blocked. I think my ID is Wunder on there. Maybe Wundar.

#64 Posted by Liber (657 posts) -

Just installed Dungeon Defenders, this game is weird but ill give it a shot.


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#66 Posted by Liber (657 posts) -

I played HON for quite long, I can get into LoL to play with GB duders and not random angry assholes.

#67 Posted by Mitch0712 (600 posts) -

I would love to be added as interested player on frozen synapse.

#68 Posted by Liber (657 posts) -

How is Frozen Synapse multiplayer ? is it only 2 dudes ?

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@Liber said:

How is Frozen Synapse multiplayer ? is it only 2 dudes ?

But you do multiple matches at once. Mortal Kombat is called multiplayer too and thats a 1 Vs. 1 game too.

#70 Posted by Sjupp (1945 posts) -


(No, seriously)

I'm down for Frozen Synapse (my playstyle is pretty much, GO THERE, NO TIME TO THINK, CHAAARGE!) which is pretty fun when you actually stop and think for a while.

League of Legends is pretty tricky to set up since skill-levels vary and there is no real handicap preventing higher skilled players from ganking and getting mad fed off of the not-so-skilled players. We'll have to look into it later on!

Everybody owns TF2 and I have some crazy fetish for setting up well placed engineer turrets so count me in there aswell!


Also I could totally be in charge of the MW3 thing.

#71 Posted by Liber (657 posts) -

@Sjupp: Does LoL have any kind of unranked match ? It would be cool to gather 5 or 10 people and play just for fun and maybe teach new players new stuff.

#72 Edited by Sjupp (1945 posts) -

@Liber: It does! So that's no problem at all. We do have a problem however with having a global community. The LoL servers are divided into three (as far as I know) parts. US, EU West & EU East + Scandinavia

#73 Posted by Sjupp (1945 posts) -
#74 Posted by JeanLuc (3799 posts) -

@AhmadMetallic said:

@ZeForgotten said:
@JeanLuc said:

How many people are in the Super Monday Night Combat beta? I would love to get a group going for that if there's enough interest.

I would be up for some SMNC, for sure. I would be up for some Battlefield 3 (Or Team Fortress 2, Assassin's Creed: Revelations or Starcraft 2(EU though) )
Sure, I'll put it up there when I have enough information. What can you tell me about the player count in a match, matchmaking/servers, etc.. ?

The player count is 10 people on teams of 2. The way matchmaking currently works has you pick your region, then choose Quick Match, Build Team, or Practice Match. Quick Match just finds you a game right away. Build Team has you build your team of 5 guys and then you'll get paired with another team. Practice Match lets you invite 10 friends to fill up both teams. Sadly Practice Match doesn't let you earn xp. The game does integrate steam friends.

#75 Posted by shinboy630 (1331 posts) -

I'd be up for some SC2, Dungeon Defenders, or if you want to play anything else I'll see what I have. Hopefully this thing picks up some "Steam" (pun 100% intended, don't hate). Hit me up on steam http://steamcommunity.com/id/shinboy.

#76 Posted by Liber (657 posts) -

@Sjupp: Steam has EU complete chronicles for 30$.

I am thinking about buying it but I will need someone to teach me how to play. I tried Hearts of Iron 3 and it felt like working on 8 spreadsheets simultaneously.

#77 Posted by No0b0rAmA (1511 posts) -

@Liber:It's amazing, and I mean both EU3 and HOI3. The tutorials are awful and a better way of learning how to play would be to let the ai control different aspects of the game while you focus on one thing.

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#79 Posted by Liber (657 posts) -
#80 Posted by EightBitShik (1449 posts) -

@shinboy630: Added you on steam I'm down for some Starcraft 2 whenever you want

#81 Posted by Sjupp (1945 posts) -

@Liber: Thing is Steam has a 1 : 1 $ to € ratio, making shit 30% more expensive.

#82 Posted by AhmadMetallic (19303 posts) -

People, please include the required IDs, whether it's Steam, GFWL, Gamespy or Riot (depends on the game) 

@InfamousBIG:  @ThePaco@ThePaco@Alaska_Gamer :   @EightBitShik :  Added to the requested coop games! 
@Sjupp: @Absolute_Zero@Resident4t@RTSlord@CaptainCody: @psoplayer:  LoL will be the first MOBA in this HUB. I added you to the interested players section, but I need to know your Riot accounts and your locations so we can organize games based on ping.
@NinetySevenA said:

I think we should add Section 8:Prejudice.

Sure, what can you tell me about the player count, how to start a game, teams, etc.. 

@PsEG said:

@IkariNoTekken said:

I'd also like to nominate Sanctum as an idea- played a bit solo but seems like a great coop experience.

As one of the assumed many that got it through an indie bundle and played it for the Steam holiday achievement, I have to say Sanctum's entertaining as hell, and I'm not typically a tower defense fan. If it weren't for Saints Row: The Third, I'd probably be giving it more of my time.

So yeah, count me in as another potentially interested chap. It'd be nice if there were enough people for a full co-op game.

Sure I'll add it, gimme the required details/info please, the same stuff I ask everyone about ^^ 
@Jeust said:

@AhmadMetallic: I would like to play with other bombers, but I have little to play online. My SWTOR didn't arrive, so I'm left to Frozen Synapse or League of Legends, although I have no experience with any of the games. :\

Sure, I'll add you for both and see where it goes from there ^^  
#83 Posted by AhmadMetallic (19303 posts) -
@ArbitraryWater:   @Liber :  Added to the LoL section, please add your location and riot ID 
@Atlas said:

@The_Laughing_Man said:

@AhmadMetallic Any one here play "Nuclear dawn"?

I own Nuclear Dawn but haven't played it yet. Would love to jump in with some GB duders.

2 votes for ND added. 
@Atlas: Added to Dungeon Defenders. ID?   /   @Mitch0712:  Added to FS.  /  @Wunder_:  Added to Street Fighter. SC2 still in the works! 
@Liber@No0b0rAmA@Sjupp:  I added a EU3 section, you fuckers figure it out and tell me what to do. Also Sjupp I added a MW3 section for you, is it Steam-ID based? 
@JeanLuc: Thanks for the info, working on a Super MNC section. 
 @RunningRaptor:  Added
#84 Posted by Liber (657 posts) -

@AhmadMetallic: Add me to Dungeon Defenders, Hearts of Iron 3, EU3, Sanctum and SMNC.

#85 Posted by EightBitShik (1449 posts) -
#86 Posted by Ravenlight (8057 posts) -

Voting for games I'm interested in:

  • Killing Floor
  • Nuclear Dawn

A Garry's Mod server might be fun if we had someone to police it/strict anti-griefing measures in place.

For some old fashioned stupid fun, I'm always up for Half-Life 2: Deathmatch, as well.

#87 Posted by ArbitraryWater (12885 posts) -


Area: North America. Riot ID: ArbitraryWater

#88 Posted by owl_of_minerva (1485 posts) -

Steam ID: owl_of_minerva. I'm interested in E.Y.E Divine Cybermancy. +1 for Killing Floor and I'd also suggest Payday: The Heist.

#89 Posted by IkariNoTekken (993 posts) -



Cooperative first person tower defence game with support for up to 4 players. [Steam based]


Seems easy enough to host matches and has various game modes, wave duration options and difficulty settings. Only thing to note is that there are various DLC maps which are obviously locked to players who don't own them.

#90 Posted by AhmadMetallic (19303 posts) -

Nobody wants to play World at War or BF2142 :(

#91 Posted by rynbeed (147 posts) -

Sounds great.

My friends and I are starting to get into TF:2 and L4D multiplayer, I also have a hand full of games bought during steam sales that are co-op multiplayer that I'd like to start getting into.

I am in the groups for GB, GB:PC hub and TF2 Group, but feel free to add/friend me. I will jump into a game if I can:


#92 Posted by Xyber (305 posts) -

Maybe it's time for me to play some LoL and actually learn how to play MOBA-games before DOTA arrives? I'm too afraid to play with random dudes in that game, I heard they fucking hate newbies. :P

#93 Posted by cryptic_code (96 posts) -


Ok here comes the big list.

Sign me up for:

  • Dead Island [ SteamID: cryptic_code ]
  • Magicka [ SteamID: cryptic_code ]
  • Dungeon Defenders [ SteamID: cryptic_code ]
  • Borderlands [ Gamespy ID: cryptic_code ]
  • Street Figther 4 AE [ GFWL: cryptic code ]

My SteamID profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/cryptic_code

#94 Posted by Winternet (8258 posts) -

I don't know. I can play with you guys some CS Source and Portal 2. But I'm not that reliable, so put me on the list knowing that.

#95 Posted by Liber (657 posts) -

Quake 3 anyone ?

#96 Posted by No0b0rAmA (1511 posts) -

@Winternet: CS:S has scheduled games on Sundays, but I'm sure there's going to be random games here and there. Just hit up the steam group chat or mumble.

#97 Posted by Ravenlight (8057 posts) -

Info time. Please correct me if any of this is inaccurate:

The Left 4 Dead series can also be played in 8-player versus mode where half of the players assume the role of the uncommon infected and try to stop the human team. Teams alternate between Survivors and Infected, each vying for the best overall score out of the four parts of a given campaign. Dedicated servers available.

WH40k: Space Marine features two online modes:

  • Exterminatus: 4-player wave-based survival
  • Versus: Includes Team Deathmatch, CTF, and point-capture modes. Up to 8v8
  • No dedicated servers. Sometimes laggy as the host is chosen randomly.

Magicka is up to 4-player deathmatch or co-op. Not sure about dedicated servers but I haven't seen any lag with my time in the game.

Starcraft 2 supports up to eight players in any combination of alliances (e.g. 1v1v1v2v3). There are also maps that toss away the core gameplay of Starcraft entirely (DOTA clones, tower defense, etc). Latency can be an issue but the game includes a feature that lets players kick laggers by a consensus vote.

Killing Floor: 6-player wave-based survival. Uses dedicated servers.

#98 Posted by csl316 (11083 posts) -

Cool, this got stickied. It was nice to see all those scheduled events pop up on Steam. Kinda tempted me to pick up Trackmania.

#99 Edited by Grimluck343 (1177 posts) -

Awesome post. Sign me up for StarCraft 2 and TF2, even though I'm terrible at both.

#100 Edited by MrCaptain (400 posts) -

Hey! I hope I'm doing this right.

Here is my list of games.

  • Saints Row the third
  • Killing Floor
  • Left 4 Dead 2
  • Starcraft 2
  • Dead Island

steam ID is "Jeldh"

and I live in Sweden if that helps.

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